A Single Girl's Guide to Vday

A Single Girl's Guide to Vday


Before we head into Valentines Day weekend I wanted to share with you a little reminder that we sometimes become blind to during this time of the year. The below was written by a sweet twenty something, Kelsey Sleek, and throughout the article I would catch myself saying "PREACH GIRL!" I hope her words struck a cord with you as well, regardless of your relationship status.

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line." - Luccille Ball


Kelsey Sleek from Embracing Twenty-Something

            February. Also known as the month where we find out whether we get a longer winter, or if we are fast-forwarding to spring. The month that is officially, the shortest month of the year. And lastly, just in case you may not know, February is also the month that Valentine’s Day falls on.

Guys.. I am being sarcastic. OF COURSE you know Valentine’s Day is coming up. I mean who could miss the overly large heart balloons that follow your every move when you are walking through the aisles at Safeway. Or, the extra-cheesy love commercials promoting any jewelry that includes both diamonds AND hearts. The V-Day promotion is in-your-face, over the top, depressing and emotion-triggering if you are a bitter and single twenty-something.

Fun fact: I WAS that bitter and single twenty-something last year. Another fun fact? I am still single for this year’s Valentine’s Day, but was finally able to get rid of the “bitter” part. And honestly, hallelujah. I engulfed so much chocolate all last February for the sole reason of me hating being alone on Valentine’s Day and my slowed down twenty-something metabolism just can’t keep up anymore.

My point being, just because you are single on Valentine’s Day does not mean it has to be the worst and loneliest time of the year. As I get deeper into my twenties, I am amazed by how much more I learn about myself as time goes on. I am able to reflect back on last year’s Love Day, and realize that I was so bitter because I was not happy with myself. It had absolutely nothing to do with the mushy commercials, the unlimited rows of love cards or the nonstop question of, “any plans for Valentine’s Day?!” It had to do with my lack of self-love and my insecurity of believing I was alone because I was not good enough.

This year, I realized how wrong I was. I realized that I am a twenty-something that has experienced really hard times and a really crappy break-up, but have built myself back up to being a person I am proud of. I realized that just because I am alone in the sense of not having a boyfriend, does not mean I am lonely or undeserving. I realized how great being single has actually been for me, as it has forced me to get to know ME better, and really work on my strengths and passions without any other distractions.

Yes, Hallmark, we get it.. It’s the month of love! For my twenty-somethings, whether you are single or taken, take advantage of all Valentine’s Day has to offer. I plan on buying myself my favorite wine (Cupcake Pinot Grigio.. I’m a simple girl), relaxing and enjoying my favorite Netflix series, and catching up on much-needed sleep (busy twenty-something probs). I can’t decide if my random excitement for my alone and simple Valentine’s Day plans are a good thing or not.. but I’m just going with it! #winning

I urge you to always remember that one of the most important parts of life is to have an abundance of self-love and self-respect. It is crazy how much of a difference having these two things can make on how you view your current life situation. So Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my single, taken, and it’s complicated twenty-somethings! Take a note from Justin Bieber, (side note: totally became a Belieber recently), this month and remember to always “love yourself”. And also, February 15th is what I like to call the second Christmas: ALL CHOCOLATE IS 50% OFF.

You. Are. Welcome.

XOXO, Kelsey

About the Author:  Kelsey Sleek is the 20something year old woman behind Embracing Twenties – As I go through the ups and downs in my twenties, I decided to write about my journey as well as give some tips and inspiration along the way. Being twenty-something can be intimidating as ever, but when you start embracing this journey we all share, you will find it can be the most amazing time of your life. I urge you all to get over the quarter-life crisis, and embrace this intimidating, yet important, decade of your life (One glass of wine at a time..). XOXO

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