Fearful Twenties

Fearful Twenties

I’m just going to say it, growing up can be absolutely terrifying. Between balancing the pressure of making our parents proud, matching our own standards and digesting the expectations being injected into our veins via social media our heads spin on a daily basis. We are thrown into a generation where we are prone to craving instant gratification which, for some, can lead to living life in fear of leaving their comfort zone. It seems status quo that those who ‘have their shit together’ are few and far between while the rest of our generation is left behind gasping for air and reaching for a margarita. 

Life is already overflowing with pressure and the worst thing we can do is add an extra spoonful of fear on top of our plates. Here are 5 fears that we should say goodbye to in our twenties. 

1. Compare
In case your mother didn’t beat this notion over your head, I am here to tell you that everyone has their own story and the lives of others do not compare to your own. The growth and decisions made by someone else may not align perfectly with yours and with all do respect, they shouldn’t. It is imperative to instead focus and stay true to your own aspirations. Spending energy wishing that you were in someone else’s shoes only puts you a step behind accomplishing your personal goals. Remember to live your story and deeply cherish your process as that is what makes your journey shine bright. 

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

2. Rejection
I would argue to say that rejection is the #1 emotion that people are most afraid of feeling. Hearing the news that you weren’t accepted into your dream college or that you didn’t land THE job is nothing short of a dagger straight to the stomach. In that moment, you feel as if the world has officially ended and that you will die a sad lonely death. The reality? You are still alive and even though it may not seem like it – the rejection happened for a reason. There is now a wide open window for the next possibility, giving you a fresh start. 

“Just keep swimming.” - Dory

3. Future
The one word that can instantly have a twenty something in tears. Since there is no instruction manual for navigating through life that means that you have options: go for it or don’t. The greatest harm we can do to ourselves is to not take the chance. The one thing scarier than the unknown is dealing with a lifetime of regret. Which path will you choose? 

“We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we think we know about the unknown.” – Teal Swan

Ah, yes, the fear that is spreading over our generation like wild fire. Here’s the thing- it is human nature to be curious about the things we do not know so we can’t beat ourselves up over it. However, the time has come to finally rid yourself of this energy. If you choose to spend Friday night on your own agenda then feel confident to do so. Whether that means finally starting the book that has been sitting on your nightstand or working on a new script all the more power to you. You will instinctively know when things need to be done or when you can chug a beer in place of your to do list. 

“Don’t let fomo kill your mojo” – someone on social media

5. Lonely
Throw away the red lipstick and go to the pet store to stock up on cat food because you will spend the rest of your life with no one but your cat that you actually wish was a dog. 


Maybe, just maybe, the focus here should be for you to reach a place in your life where you don’t need the validity of a relationship to make you feel self- fulfilled. The fear of being alone the rest of your life should honestly be the last of your worries. Instead, take the time to grow into the woman (or man) you strive to be. Once you find internal happiness the perfect match will strut into your life on a white horse. Bless it, that was one of the sappiest things I may have ever written but I’m not taking it back!! 

“If you are lonely, dim all the lights and put on a horror movie. After a while it won’t feel like you’re alone anymore.” – Pinterest 

Remember that fear has two meanings – fear everything and run or face everything and rise. The choice is yours my friends.

Leaving fear behind,

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