Newsflash: You're Dating

Newsflash: You're Dating

I spent the past week soaking up my mother’s cooking, my dad's fishing stories, my brother's humor and slobbery puppy kisses. On top of being reminded that there is truly no place like home I also realized how insanely valuable it is to take the time to slow down every once in awhile.

Saturday was one of those perfectly sunny with a slight ocean breeze Florida kind of day that made you feel blessed to be alive. After my girlfriends and I slipped on our itty bitty bikinis we sipped champagne and giggled over memories while soaking in the sunshine. Somewhere in between applying sunscreen and fixing my ponytail the words hit my eardrums.

“Remember when I was ‘talking’ to…”

After the words ‘talking to’ rolled off my friends lips I spent the following few minutes thinking about our generation + dating. Here’s the deal – I know dating in our twenties may or may not be one of the most disastrous, confusing, frustrating things we ever encounter but for the love of God let’s not add to the mess by belittling it. In the ‘old days’ dating was defined by two people, who share intimate feelings, spending exclusive time together. Ring a bell? D-a-t-i-n-g not ‘talking.’ Seriously, those words need to be filed right next to Paris Hilton’s ‘that’s hot’ and we should all take a vow to never speak of them again.

I know the topic of dating could easily transpire into 10+ blog posts so, for today, I want to specifically zone in on how we label our relationships and why we all have to realize ‘talking to’ actually means you’re dating. Break out your time sheets and over-analyzation charts ladies because here are 8 signs that you are in fact dating.

1.     Good Morning
Rolling over to the words “good morning beautiful” waiting for you on your phone or reading a “good night babe” text message before curling up = yup, you’re dating. Why else would they make it clear you’re their first thought before coffee?

2.     No Alcohol Needed
Sober hangouts? Oh the horror. It’s honestly pretty sad that this even needs to be brought to light but let the truth shine. If you two spend more time making memories together instead of drinking them blurry then you two are apart of something that goes beyond happy hour.

3.     Toothbrush
Isn’t it almost comical how such a small item can hold such a large sentiment? If you trust him enough to leave a toothbrush, or any personal item for that matter (yes, hair ties included) at his place then don’t you think your relationship deserves to be defined as more than just “talking?”

4.     Catching Z’s
If your sleepovers are filled with cuddles instead of … well, you know, then I hope you two are talking to each other because it sure looks a lot like dating.

5.     Tag Me
Social media tends to have a twisted way of defining our relationship status these days and we all know it. If you are uploading pictures of just the two of you than, whether we like to admit it or not, there is something more behind that post. 

6.     No cheese, please
Aw, how sweet – he knows that you don’t want cheese on your sandwich. Pause. No matter what lens you look through, paying attention to one’s little behaviors is another form of expressing the L word - love, not lust.

7.     Green Eyed Monster
Back to the basics. The only people who get pissed if you’re flirting with someone else is someone who has feelings for you. So it should be no surprise that when feelings and a hint of jealousy become mutual that you two are in fact, dating.

8.     Hi, dad
You’ve met the family. Please don’t tell me you need me to explain this any further …

If you want to join the movement of killing the phrase, ‘talking to,’ then do your part and send this article to your bestie - it’s what friends are for.

Not a relationship expert,


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