Money Saving Apps

Money Saving Apps

I remember making fun of my mom every time she would shuffle through her purse to pull out a coupon no matter what checkout line we were in. I would stand then impatiently waiting rolling my eyes into the back of my head saying "mommmmm" under my breath. Oh how the tables have turned. Since I'm not throwing money around like Leonardo Dicaprio I am now guilty of gathering coupons before heading out the front door. 

Here are some money saving apps that I highly recommend. 


1. Hopper
"Predict. Watch. Buy. Fly" Hopper is a mobile app that confidently alerts you with the best time to buy flights thanks to their tuned flight predication feature. 

2. Gas Buddy
You know that feeling when you fill up your tank only to drive down the block to find a cheaper gas station. The worst, right? Gas buddy is here to ensure you never feel that again. Their mission is, " serve the public by providing a real time gas prices forum so that consumers can have access to the information necessary to locate the lowest fuel prices available"
 happy fueling!

3. Hotel Tonight
Spur of the moment summer get away? Hotel Tonight just became your best friend. With the push of a button you can flourish in last minute discounts on top rated hotels. 

1. Nike Training
If a personal trainer isn't in your budget don't sweat it. Nike training app is 100+ workouts at your finger tips. I personally recommend this app for anyone looking for a variety of workouts and clear guidance. 

2. Fitness Buddy
Another successful workout app that takes it a step further with diet tracking along with social networking focused on health and fitness

3. Swork It
If you don't own or have access to workout equipment then give this app a try. 
Sworkit is a fitness app that strives to provide the simplest way for you to get a workout in anywhere, anytime with no room for excuses. 


1. CVS
The one stop shop. The CVS ExtraCare Rewards program offers exclusive deals upon checkout. The app tracks the users’ purchases and rewards them quarterly with “ExtraBucks” that can be used like cash. Oh and ready for the best part? ExtraCare members now have the ability to opt-in to the new digital receipts feature which means you never have to get one of those mile-long paper receipts ever again! 

2. Starbucks
Coffee before talkie. If you tend to get your coffee fix at the ever so popular Starbucks then you could benefit from My Starbucks Reward program. The app, that can be accessed via smartphone or online, allows you to rack up reward points each time you visit a Starbucks which gives you access to free drinks, food items and exclusive discounts each month.

3. Sephora
If you’re like me and lose all self-control upon entering a Sephora store then look into becoming a part of the Beauty Insider rewards program. The program allows you to earn a point for every dollar you spent and you can also earn sample product sets once you reach 100 points and again at 500 points.

I hope this post makes your wallet happy! What money saving apps do you use on a regular basis? Comment below.


Cha Ching,

*All photos are direct screen grabs from the applications websites. 

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