Will You Accept This Makeup?

Will You Accept This Makeup?

Besides the infatuating drama, flawless wardrobe, dream dates and to die for traveling there is another piece of The Bachelor franchise I have been drawn to; the perfect makeup.

Think about it. Between the tears, make out sessions, endless travel and changing weather conditions how in the heck does The Bachelor / Bachelorette always look picture picture?

The answer: Gina Modica.

Gina is the makeup guru behind The Bachelor franchise. She was sweet enough to not only share her journey but also her coveted beauty secrets. After six years of working in print, Gina made her big break into the film and television industry. “For me, it was more like chipping away, then breaking in. I've been with the Bachelor franchise since the second season. I think it's been close to 15 years now. There aren’t a lot of jobs where you can travel the world and do what you love and get to work with great people. It really is a dream job.” 

After recovering from job envy I jumped at the chance to ask Gina what specific products she uses on all the Bachelor(ette) babes.

Foundation: most of the time on the show I use Temptu S/B foundation. It has great staying power and it will stay all day with very little touch up which is perfect since I’m not there on the dates. If you want more of a matte finish I suggest using Aqua base because it leaves a matte look without leaving you looking dry.

Lips: For lips I use a lip liner all over the lips and then I apply a matte or a light gloss (not to creamy) lipstick. Besame Master liner pencils are fantastic, they are double sided so it's easy to go light for a casual look and the darker side to glam it out.

Mascara: I love Too Faced "Better Than Sex " mascara. I don't usually use waterproof but for obvious reason, I used it a lot on the show.

Eyeliner: I like Makeup Forever's Aqua liner but I'll also use whatever shadow for a liner that goes with the look and just mix in Makeup Forever's sealer with the shadow and it doesn't move. 

Concealer: There are a few that I use depending on how their skin is and how hot and humid it is. I like Gorgeous cosmetics, Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics and Cover FX. 

Since receiving a rose goes hand in hand with jet-setting around the world, Gina realizes the importance of maintaining good skin care when traveling. “Keeping your face and body hydrated as much as possible is key. When you travel as much as we do with the show you learn how important taking care of your skin is. My favorite skincare line is Glycelene I'm obsessed with everything they have. I keep travel sizes of the rejuvenation cream, stem-c mist and lip balm with me all the time. I give it to all my talent and tell them to use it especially when they are flying. “

And there we have it ladies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to sprint to Sephora.

Stay beautiful,

Thank you Gina for sharing your beauty secrets. 

For more of Gina: Instagram | Website

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