8 Ways To Finish The Year Strong

8 Ways To Finish The Year Strong

You ready for this bomb? We are three months away from 2018. 

1 ...
2 ... 
3 ...

*GOODBYE 2017*

If that doesn’t make your head spin around ten times, I don’t know what will! As we embark on the last leg of 2017 I thought this would be a prime time to talk about how to spice up our motivation. Remember those things that you made at the beginning of the year that you swore you would accomplish? What were those called? Oh yeah. RESOLUTIONS.

How many of you have reached every single one of your New Year’s Resolutions already?

 *crickets *

Alright then, seems like we still have work to do!! Before you start to break out in a nervous sweat know that you’ve got time and you can do this. Here are a few tips that will kick your ass into gear to finish the year strong.

8 Ways To Stay Motivated:

1.    Check It Off
Having a visual check list is a simple yet powerful move. Dust off your resolution list or start from scratch. Write down goals that you are striving to accomplish before the end of the year and prioritize the necessary steps that need to be taken to achieve each and every goal.

2.    Make A Commitment
Ah, commitment. The one word that can instantly send chills up our spine. With a small time frame this is a “sh!t or get off the pot” situation. Make a commitment to yourself, right here. Right now. That you will put in 110% effort to reach these goals. Don’t waste your own time. If you can’t commit, get off the pot.

3.    Keep Learning
You may have already had graduation day but that doesn’t mean that the learning is done. To keep your motivation at an all-time high, dig in and use your resources – all of them. Striving to reach any particular goal takes guts, determination and knowledge. Put yourself in a position every day to learn something new as you never know how that piece of learned information can push you to reach the finish line.

4.    Weekly Check Ins
Put aside 10 minutes at the beginning or end of your week to, honestly, check in with your progress. What did you accomplish last week? What steps still need to be taken? What is on the radar for the upcoming week? Reflecting on an honest self-evaluation will have you hungry for more.

5.    Take A Time Out
By the back half of the year many of us are already running on empty so pacing yourself will be the key to success. You can have all the motivation in the world but if you don’t take care of yourself, mentally and physically, you are left running in slow circles. When needed, take a time out to refill your tank so you can end this year with a successful bang.

6.    Tap Into Your Mind
Ask yourself, what drives me?
Is it your kids? Your partner? Those who doubt you? A paycheck? Recognition? Whatever or whoever it may be, tap into it.

7.    Accountability Partner
Some of us tend to work harder when held accountable. If that sounds like you, recruiting an accountability partner should be on the to do list! This can be a co-worker, a family member, a friend or a spouse. As long as they sprinkle an extra dose of motivation into your life and will hold you accountable for achieving your goals, sign them up!  

8.    Be Your Own Cheerleader
Having a support system is an added bonus but being your #1 fan is irreplaceable. You have to cheer yourself on or else you put yourself in a dangerous pathway of self-doubt and in case no one told you, that pathway does not have success at the end of the it.

You can do this,

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