Showered With Love

Showered With Love

This past weekend I was showered with the utmost love from women who are such a special part of our lives. It was a total blast to have all of us together, under one roof celebrating mine and Robby’s engagement. Photos were taken, champagne was flowing, perfectly wrapped presents were opened and delicious brownies were ate! If you ask me, it was the recipe for a perfect day!

To those that follow me on Instagram, thank you for your kind messages throughout my shower. It has been such a treat to take you lovely ladies along with me on our engagement journey. Below are some photos from the shower as well as bridal shower etiquette tips to keep in mind for the next shower you attend!

4 Bridal Shower Etiquette Tips:

Who’s the hostest with the mostest?
Well, according to “tradition” a bridal shower should not be thrown by any of the bride-to-be’s relativities or future relative however, the beautiful thing about today’s day and age is that within the bridal shower space - really anyone can host! Whether it be your bridesmaids, your mothers best friend or a thoughtful family friend from the groom side – the hosting role is up for grabs! The main thing to be aware of is that if you are having more than one shower thrown in your honor to make sure that each host is in communication so things are not duplicated. 


Who is on the guest list?  
Typically, the guest list is compiled of the bride’s closet female friend and relatives. Of course each situation is different so my personal rule of thumb was to invite those that you couldn’t imagine being showered without. Keep in mind that if the groom’s mother is hosting or helping to plan the party that it would be a nice gesture to include his close friends and relatives as well. All shower guest should be invited to the wedding but that doesn’t mean that since they are invited to the wedding that they automatically are invited to the shower. Make sense? Another thing to take into consideration when drafting up a guest list is location. Where is the shower being held and where are most people traveling from?


Where should I get invites from?
Whether you want to pass the duty of making invites off to the host or if you are a control freak, like me, and would like to make invites yourself I would highly suggest using Basic Invite. My experience with Basic Invite was nothing short of fabulous and most importantly, EASY. The website is incredibly user friendly and the, almost, unlimited color options with instant online preview is what made me throw my hands in the air singing HALLELUJAH. With over 180 different color options and over 40 different color envelope options I promise that your dream customized invite will become a reality! Head to to see for yourself.


*personal information has been removed in consideration of the privacy of others

Any tips for gift giving?
Let’s break this down! No matter the occasion the question of what to spend usually rises to the surface. In the bridal shower world, you give what you can afford. Whether that be the top tier item on the couple’s registry or a thoughtful homemade gift such as a photo album or cookbook. As far as shopping strategies go, you can make the gift a group effort and all chip in on a present for the bride to be or you can try to relate the gift to the theme of the shower. If all of that seems like too much work, then head to the couple’s gift registry. The items on there were handpicked by the couple themselves which means you can’t go wrong with purchasing any of those items!

A little tip for the guest of honor: you will have an audience when opening the presents so do your best to engage with the people in the room and show off what was inside the pretty packaging! To keep a steady flow to the gift opening process ask one of your bridesmaid’s to hand you the next present in line to be opened while another bridesmaid takes detailed notes of what you received from who. This will make a massive difference when you sit down to write thank you notes! 


Let the party continue,



*This post was sponsored by Basic Invite however the opinions are my own. 



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