Must Have Registry Items

Must Have Registry Items

Building out our registry has been one of the best parts about wedding plan so far. There is something so weirdly special about looking at a brand new set of coffee mugs thinking, “this is what we will drink coffee out of as husband and wife.”

 Ok ok, enough of the mushy stuff.

To be honest, without the help of Zola we would have been pretty lost in the registry world. With so many options it’s overwhelming to make sure your registry is built out in a thoughtful and smart manner. Robby and I created our registry on Zola and we could not be happier with our choice! Zola offers over 50,00 gifts, experiences and cash funds. Can you say registry heaven?! Zola also offers the options to personalize your registry, which adds a lovely option of being able to add notes on why we are asking for a certain gift. It’s not only extremely easy for us to navigate through when adding or searching for items, but it’s a seamless experience for our guests as well. Since going through the registry process is fresh on my mind, I thought it might be helpful to break down some registry must haves as well as items that you both will fall in love with!

 5 Registry Must Have Items

1.  Vacuum Cleaner
You may have never thought you would reach a point in your life where you were requesting a vacuum cleaner as a present but here you are my friend, here you are. In all seriousness, a nice vacuum cleaner with all the gadgets and filters is a registry must have. You will be glad you added it to the list every time you whip it out and like magic your floors looks good as new! My mom suggested that Robby and I add a Dyson vacuum to our registry so, that’s what we did because 1. Moms are always right and 2. She knows wayyyy more about vacuum cleaners than I do ;)

2.  A Slow Cooker
I’m not going to lie and pretend that I am a master chef because that is far from the truth; however, even I know that a slow cooker is the best invention since sliced bread and you and your hubby need one in your kitchen!! Don’t think twice about adding this item. Simply hit “add to registry” and move on to the next!

3.  A Cookware Set
A durable 12-piece cookware set is a standard registry item that you’ll be thankful was gifted to you each and every time you whip up something for dinner or host a potluck. Choose a color that will mesh best with the décor of your kitchen. Happy cooking!

4. Vitamix
Couples who make smoothies together, stay together – right? Bringing a Vitamix into your kitchen will forever change your life! This item is a registry no brainer. Pro tip: using Zola gives your guests the option to use “group gifting” which comes in handy for high ticket items such as a Vitamix.

5. Entertainment
This category will depend on your styles and level of entertaining you two foresee happening. Whether it’s having a swanky bar cart with beautiful glassware or a karaoke machine, registering for items that your friends and family will enjoy when they come to visit the newlyweds is a must!

5 Registry Items You BOTH Will Love

1. Luggage
HONEYMOON BOUND! A beautiful set of luggage is a gift that the two of you are bound to love. Add a luggage set to your registry that will suit your travel needs, no matter where life takes you! I would advise to take some time researching different brands before adding to your wish list. Especially with the recent merge of technology and luggage brands make sure you’re adding the latest and greatest to your registry!

2. Sleep Well
A double-duty comforter or an incredibly nice set of bed sheets are items that both of you will wake up in the morning being thankful for!

3. Bath Towels
Stepping out of the shower into a comfortable and cozy towel is wedding registry favorite. A rule of thumb when registering for towels is to get separate towels for you and your spouse, as well as two additional sets for guests.

4. Coffee Maker
If your morning routine goes hand in hand with “no talking before coffee,” then this registry item may just save your marriage, HA!

5.  Your Choice
This is your wedding after all so instead of taking my advice, ask yourself what is something that you and your significant other would really love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourselves? Is it that top of the line knife set since you love to cook together? Or would you much rather be gifted an experience? Whatever makes your heart skip a beat, it doesn’t hurt to put it on your registry! Having options is priceless, which is exactly why I highly recommend using Zola for your registry platform. Between kitchen items, home décor, wellness and travel options – they’ve got you covered!!

Need more registry inspo? Here’s a sneak peek into our registry!
Now that you’ve got these tips and trick in your back pocket it’s time to start your registry! Click here to get started. HAVE FUN!

Off to add more items,

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