What And What Not To Bring With You On Your Travels

What And What Not To Bring With You On Your Travels

Traveling can undoubtedly be daunting – and it all starts with packing. What do you bring? It’s a question many are unable to answer, effectively bringing way too much with them. When travelling from city to city and country to country, you’ll be way too mobile to be lugging around an overflowing case with you.

With that being said, you may be stumped as to how to limit yourself. Here’s a small guide to the essentials.

BRING: Sensible clothes

When traveling around the world, you’ll want to ensure your clothes are allowing for a comfortable experience. You don’t have to sacrifice style in many cases, but you will want to refrain from bringing your entire wardrobe – instead focus on a few select outfits you’ll be able to rely on for the duration of your trip.

Make sure they’re suitable for the climate, too. Don’t bring any heavy, thick garments if you’re exploring Southeast Asia, for example – so long as your clothes are breathable, comfortable and reliable, you’ll be fine. Don’t feel to buy expensive outfits, either, as you’ll likely end up binning them before you even return home.

 DON’T BRING: Too many gadgets

If you’re flaunting expensive electronics whilst you travel, expect to become a target in the eyes of thieves and opportunists. Too often do tourists compromise themselves by bringing along a multitude of gadgets, from Go-Pros to drones – keep it limited and keep it concealed.

Your phone is a must, as recommended by the Secret Traveller, in order to stay connected with those at home and let them know you’re okay – as well as occasionally bragging upon social media. Perhaps bring a camera too if you’re devoted to getting those quality shots. After all, they’ll serve to diminish your post-holiday blues once you’re home.

BRING: Converted cash

 Be sure to sort your money in advance, instead of leaving it until your holidays have begun. Shop around for the best exchange rate you can find – they can fluctuate heavily between outlets, as well as depending on the time you choose to look. Find the best deal and go from there.

And consider investing in a prepaid travel card, especially if you’re someone who cannot help but overspend. These cards allow you to load a certain amount upon them, acting like a debit card once you’re abroad. Best of all, they’re unaffected by any future fluctuations in the exchange rate you bought your money at.

DON’T BRING: Things you can buy abroad 

If you can avoid buying certain things just to overload your baggage, do so. Things such as toiletries and medication can often be bought once you’re abroad, so it isn’t necessary to fill your bags up – you’ll be taking up precious room, whilst making it harder for yourself to lug your belongings around.

Depending on your destination, you’ll likely be able to pick up most of what you need once you’re abroad. Look into whether your destination has convenience stores or supermarkets, so you’re sure of whether you do need to buy certain things before you go.

BRING: The correct documents

 Be sure you’ve got all of the things you need – too often do travellers misplace their documents and leave themselves in a sticky situation. Ensure you’re keeping your passport, boarding pass and other important papers in a secure part of your bag, and don’t move them so you always know where they are.

Print off all confirmations of things you’ve booked, from hotels to hire cars, just in case a complication arises and you’re left without proof of purchase. It’s always important to be as prepared as possible, especially when travelling around the world. 

DON’T BRING: Hesitation

 When travelling, one thing you really ought to leave behind is hesitation. It’s important you’re seizing every opportunity on offer and making the most of the experience – after all, it’s one that doesn’t come around often. Be sure to let yourself go and do and see as much as possible in order to ensure the trip of a lifetime.

Do you have any other suggestions for your fellow travellers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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