5 Wellness Tips That Will Change Your Life

5 Wellness Tips That Will Change Your Life

Alright friends – here we go. Many of you have sent me emails and messages asking what my daily wellness routine is. I promise to eventually give you the full breakdown but in the meantime here is a little insight into my daily routine so you can start to incorporate the products that you feel your body is craving and or lacking!

This is not a sponsored post. The below products are what I personally use/ take day in and day out. In hopes you and your body love them as much as I do!

Collagen Peptides

I’m one of those boring routine people that 9 times out of 10 I will have the same smoothie for breakfast. Even when I get oh so crazy and switch up the recipe from time to time the one that thing that will always be added is a scoop of collagen peptides. Not to sound like a spokesperson but the benefits of daily collagen intake are massive. Ranging from glowing skin to improved digestion, nail and hair growth – just to name a few. I personally use the vanilla flavor but if you’re new to the collagen world I would suggest purchasing the unflavored powder. OH and side note, collagen can be used in other places besides smoothies – it comes in the form of creamer, water, etc. Do your research, give it a try and I promise your body will love you a little extra! 

Facial Ice Roller

I remember watching The Skinny Confidential IG story one day and there she was, rolling her glowing skin with what seemed to be some sort of roller?! I was intrigued and decided to do some research on this ice roller that she swore by. I was a sucker, purchased the roller to give it a try for myself and lorrrrrd bless above I’m so glad I did. The roller takes you from puffiness to tight before your eyes are even fully open. Using this ice roller on my face is now a part of my every morning routine and takes close to no time at all!


Sometimes talking shit is necessary, ya feel me? ;) About 9 months ago my skin started to massively break out directly under my jawline. I had never experienced any skin issues on that particular part of my face before and NOTHING that I was doing was helping to clear the breakouts – nothing. I was so frustrated and feeling incredibly self-conscious. It became my sole focus to figure out what in the hell had sparked this skin issue and how to fix it before my wedding day. Low and behold, I made a medical facial appointment. I laid on the bed and one of the first things the esthetician asked me is “how often do you go to the bathroom?” I thought well damn, that’s a pretty invasive and useless question to ask me. Before I even finished my answer she said – that’s it. All of the buildup in my pores was directly related to my body not getting rid of necessary toxins.

The reason for telling you this long winded story is because adding Probiotics to my daily routine has saved my skin. Who would have thought, right? Probiotics are a beneficial bacteria that help to maintain a healthy digestive track which in turns affects different areas of your body – one of them being your skin!

Hair Mask

There is just something about a hair mask that makes me feel like a new woman. One of my favorites is Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment by Paul Mitchell. The smell of it alone makes me weak in the knees and transforms my bathroom into a spa! Another one of my hair favorites is the Keratin Intensive Treatment

Drink Your Health

My typical day includes at least one cup of hot water with lemon but most recently I have been doing my best to drink  the below mixture before each meal:
1 TBSP of 100% cranberry juice
1 TBSP of lemon juice
2  TBSP of apple cider vinegar
^^^ all mixed with water

If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to send me an email: Chelsea@themillennialmiss.com I will continue to share more about my fitness and wellness routine on here as well as on my Instagram.

Be Healthy,

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