Basic Tasks You Need To Know How To Do By The Time You Hit Your 20s

Basic Tasks You Need To Know How To Do By The Time You Hit Your 20s

I’m not saying that I’m necessarily proud of this but even at the ripe age of 28, I still turn to my parents for questions on how to do this or that. Half of the time I feel naïve for asking and the other half I’m thankful they are willing to help. Growing up and learning all the ins and outs of basic tasks can be tedious but at the end of the day, makes us a well-rounded human being. So, here are 6 tasks that even though they sound adult and boring AF – it would be in your best interest to know how to do them … on our own.

Change A Tire

If you just thought to yourself – well, this list started off aggressively – I was thinking the same thing when I wrote it! In full transparency, I don’t know the first thing about changing a tire and would 100% be calling Robby in tears to come help me. But, I feel like it’s a very important let alone safe task that we should all know how to do. For those reasons, changing a tire is number 1 on the list.

Do Your Taxes

So long are the glory days when parents would hand you lunch money before heading out the door. Cut to current time and you’re praying that that your work office orders in lunch. Times have changed and you’re now the ruler of your bank account. With that being said, your mommy should not be filing your taxes for you. Learn a thing or two about your hard earned money. Sit down with a consultant and learn where your money is going, what you are getting back and why.

Tip Appropriately

Don’t be a cheap ass. Unless your service was appalling, understand the person refilling your water glass and bringing you your meal is husting to meet all your requests with the underlying assumption that they will be compensated appropriately.

Chit Chat

For some, a visit to the dentist sounds more enjoyable then having to go through small talk with someone. Even if that is the case, knowing how to dominate the small talk sector is an adulting must. Throughout life you will be put in situations where small talk is an evil necessity. Get yourself through it with grace and confidence and leave the uneasy awkwardness out of it.

Iron Your Clothes

You’ve graduated middle school. Having wrinkly clothes more times than none is hardly an acceptable let alone professional look. Facetime your mom and let her walk you through it. In a petty fight with your mom? Youtube it. Point being, there is no excuse for walking around like a slob. Get it together, ya hear me?

Basic Medicine

I’m not suggestion that you sign up for med school however, knowing the basics of how to clean a scrape or what medicine to take to cure your cold are things you should know how to do. Knowing how to take care of your body is a basic yet necessary task that you are more than capable of conquering.

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