How To Set Up A Workspace Anywhere

How To Set Up A Workspace Anywhere

What do an airport terminal, a coffee shop, a hotel room and a cubicle all have in common? 

They are work spaces. While some of us head to a physical office building from 9AM to 5PM others live and breathe the #LaptopLifestyle and work day in and day out from a mobile office. 

With all the ‘here’ and all the ‘there’ that Robby and I do, I’ve learned a thing or two about successfully creating a workspace, regardless of the set up. 

Beyond having an “instagrammable” space, making sure your work area is functional should also be high on the priority list. Below, I’ve broken down workspace tips for both those that head to the same desk Monday through Friday and for those that are forever on the go. 


Whether it’s a home office or a work space in an office building, setting yourself up for success is essential. Having a space that exudes good vibes and uplifting energy is worth the minimal effort it takes to create! Depending on your freedom with the space, here are 4 tips that will help transform your workspace to its best possible set up. 


Ah, decisions decisions. If the option to paint your space is available – take it! But before you dip your brush into a paint can take the time to carefully decide what color you will paint the walls. Green is a color that represents balance and blue simulates concentration so you can’t go wrong with incorporating either or both of those colors. Can’t paint? No problem! You can subtly include colors in other ways. It can be something as simple as your pen holder or desk lamp. 


 Mood lighting, baby. Natural lightening is what dreams are made of. If you have an accessible window near your desk, consider it your lucky day. Use the shining beams to your advantage as it’s proven to improve moral and help with ultimate focus. Set up your space around the open lightening! I would suggest facing the window as opposed to having your back to it. 


Plants are said to boost productivity by as much as 15% and if that doesn’t convince you to run and get flowers in a vase then we can’t be friends. Ok, I’m kidding. Kind of. Having flowers or plants around your workspace will absolutely make a difference in your day to day grind. If picking up fresh flowers on a weekly basis is not in your budget, don’t wilt up! HomeGoods has a solid selection of fake flowers that don’t look fake, which is ideal. The low price tag may even convince you to buy two flower sets ;) If budding flowers aren’t your vibe then succulents may just become your new best friend. Succulents are an inexpensive fix and come with an added benefit of not worrying to remember to water them! 

*side note: if you're anything like me and always looking for an "excuse" to go to Target - they (of course) have a great selection of fake flowers as well! Just saying!! 


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with picture frames and or a candle! Knick knack items should not break the bank. While you’re at the store buying flowers throw a frame and some candles in your cart. When you sit down at your desk chair you’ll be happy you took the time to add a personal touch to your space. PS: I'm currently crushing on light boxes. They are such a simple way to add some sparkle to your space! Are you more of a message board kind of girl? Then you’ll LOVE this one


Read the following sentence very carefully: ONLY keep items on your desk that you use on a daily basis. Store everything else in a drawer or easily accessible cabinet. For example: I keep my agenda, notebook and pens on top of my desk. Everything else is tucked away. Clean space equals a clear head. Your brain should be focused on the task at hand and not on the jumbled mess on your desk top.


If your job and or lifestyle doesn’t keep you in one consistent space, here are a few tips to keep your office on the go functional and friendly. 


Protection is #1. Electronics are, most of the time, our lifeline so make sure they are kept in a safe place when traveling or have separation from the sticky café counter. In need of a new case? Take a look at THIS one. Or this one. Or even THIS one! 


I’d rather sit in a dentist chair for hours then deal with a dead cell phone. Dramatic antics aside, having a portable charger when constantly on the go is key. I’d suggest going with a mophie or a "lipstick sized" portable charger.


Noise cancelling headphones are hands downs worth the investment. Whether you’re typing away at a hotel restaurant, a home office or a busy cubicle - being able to shut out the noises around you is ideal to stay in your zone.  


You know that moment when all you need is a pen and you cannot for the life of you find a pen? There you are, ravenously digging through your purse as if you’re Mary Poppins and a pen will magically appear if you keep shuffling things around but in reality you know full well that you don’t have a pen. 

Don’t be that pen less girl again. Ever. 

I suggest having a pouch full of pens and whatever else you want to throw in there is the way to go. Keep those pens and items in that same pouch at all times so you never have to be caught in the airport again praying a pen falls from the sky.   


Some days, regardless of where your workspace physically is, you need a quick break. Your mind is begging you to say “BRB – taking 5.” Taking a timeout is necessary throughout the workday. For those demanding days where you feel chained to your chair take 45 seconds to inhale, exhale and then use two of my favorite products. This Mario Badescu facial spray will give you a quick refresh and essential oils work wonders. I’d keeping these items in either a desk drawer or in your bag at arm’s reach, always. 

work work work,

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