Carry-On Must Haves

Carry-On Must Haves

Having the following travel essentials on hand during your travels will have you feeling good from wheels up to wheels down. Here are 9 items I never board a flight without:

1. Eye mask + Ear Buds
If you are able to fall asleep on a plan without a problem, you’re my hero. For those who have a harder time catching ZZZ’s sky high try using an eye mask and eye buds.

shop eye mask here:

2. Headphones
The one place, besides the gym, that is actual hell to be caught without your headphones is on an airplane so do yourself a favor and double check that you have a pair of headphones packed in your carry on.

3. Travel Document Holder
If you thrive off being organized, keep reading. Having all of your important documents in one place while traveling saves the headache of digging through your bag. I recommend keeping your passport, boarding pass, hotel information and any other travel information in a designated holder.

shop travel document holders here:

4. Snacks
Did you fall asleep during the snack cart? Don’t feel like spending $10 on a bag of pretzels in the airport? Doing your best to stay healthy? Packing snacks is crucial for a smooth sailing traveling experience. Apples, nuts, and protein bars (make sure to read the labels on those or else you might as well eat a snickers bar) are always a good choice.  

5. Toothpaste
Ironically, toothpaste is one item that most people forget to pack! I like to throw a travel sized toothpaste and toothbrush in my carry on in the event of a delay or the urge or freshen up mid travel.

6. Evian Facial Spray
This right here is a total game changer. I recently picked up Evian facial spray in Sephora and I wish I had always traveled with it. The TSA- approved travel sized spray hydrates, tones, and refreshes skin throughout the day. A carry on must have in my book! Purchase spray here.

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7. Pedialyte
Staying hydrate is so dang important when flying. It not only affects your health but also plays a major factor with your skin. I throw on the go hydration pedialyte packets in my carry on and they are a complete life saver. I would suggest drinking one during the flight and then again once you get to your hotel room and or final destination.

8. Hand Sanitizer
The pure thought of how dirty airports / airplanes are makes me want to dive into a bathtub full of sanitizer. Buy some and bring it with you – always.

9. Anti-bacterial Wipes
Seriously, think about how many people have sat in your seat on the airplane before you? EW. Before you put your carry on under your seat, wipe down your arm rest and tray table. Any disinfecting can only help!!

Enjoy your flight,

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