11 Easy Ways To Feel Put Together Even When Your Life Feels A Mess

11 Easy Ways To Feel Put Together Even When Your Life Feels A Mess

So, your day isn’t going according to plan. You overslept, stubbed your toe on the way to the bathroom, spilled coffee as you were reaching for the blow dryer and now you have a whole 15 minutes to get out of the house looking like you have your shit together. 

Mission accepted. 

These 11 tips will help you look and feel like you have all your ducks in a perfectly lined row. Sometimes you gotta fake it till ya make it, honey! 

Morning Routine

In retrospect, having a morning routine will save you from running around your apartment like a bat out of hell. Do yourself a life changing favor by creating and implementing a morning routine, asap. 

Side note: download the app Headspace. Do it right now! It’s a great meditation app that you can use wherever best suits your schedule. 

Jam Out

If you're desperately trying to amp yourself up or shake off your bad mood - turn up the volume and allow yourself to jam out. When the time calls for it, I put on full concerts in my car. I’m talking hair flips, sassy eyes and hitting notes that I should never attempt. You will feel so much better after channeling your inner Beyoncé. Oh and don’t mind the laughing person in the car next to you – they are your biggest fan ;)  

Compliment Yourself

In search of a confidence boost? No need to look anywhere else besides within. Give yourself a wink as you pass a mirror or close your eyes and repeat a positive mantra. Reminding yourself that IT’S OK to not have it together 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Enjoy being your own cheerleader! 

All In The Eyebrows

Is it just me or do you also feel like a new person after getting your eyebrows done? If time permits, make an appointment. If not, take a few seconds to fill them in and give them shape. If I find myself in an unexpected rush, I’ll do a simple 4 step makeup routine. Throw on tinted moisturizer, give life to your lashesshape the brows and add lip balm. BAM. Magic is worked in under 5 minutes. For bonus points – whip out your go to eyeshadow palette. I cannot tell you how many times the Naked palette has come to the rescue. 

Bed Head

A hack in making it appear that you’re put together is knowing how to work your bed head. For those days where standing in the mirror styling and blow drying you hair is simply not an option – work with what you got. Use your bedhead texture to style accordingly. Throw it back in a sleek ponytail, secure it in a texturized top knot or rock the messy bun. The compromise here is if your hair is going to fall under the “bad hair day” category then give your makeup a little extra time and love so they even themselves out.  Oh and make sure that you’re always fully stocked on dry shampoo – always. 

Be Bold

If your hair is unsalvageable then count your blessings that hats are in. Depending on your destination, choose the appropriate hat and rely on a bold lip to pull your overall appearance together. 

Manage Your Manicure

Having clean, manicured nails will round out your put together-ness. Since making trips to the nail salon is not always plausible I keep these gel nail polishes on hand and ready to be put to be put to work. When at home painting your nails, multi task with a little self-care and throw on a face mask on as well! 

Choose Denim Wisely

If you’re looking for a quick fix on how to make your outfit look more pulled together then grab the dark denim over the light wash. Dark denim tends to exuded more a polished and chic look while lighter jeans give off more of a super casual vibe. 

Less Is More

Don’t force it and don't overcompensate! When standing in front of your closet contemplating what you can throw on think classic and refined rather than overdoing it with trendy pieces and eye grabbing accessories. Simple is more and will always be in style.

Black On Black

Regardless of how much of a mess your life actually is, the color black will never let you down. Rocking all black makes you instantly look cool and sophisticated – without trying to hard. It’s simple and chic and is can be right for just about any occasion. 

All In Your Stance

Power pose it up girlfriend. Sit (or stand) a little taller, put your shoulders back and head up. Confidence is key and it’s all in how you carry yourself. You may have piles of laundry and empty take out boxes waiting for you when you get home but a power pose will fool everyone in the room thinking you have it all together. 

Adulting is hard,

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