The Essential Items To Keep In Your Car

The Essential Items To Keep In Your Car

If you’re like me then most days your car doubles as an office, a changing room and a just about everything in between. Keeping a bag of the below items in your glove compartment will help make your days more efficient by not wasting time driving all the back to your apartment or making a pit stop. 

Here are a few items that you should keep in your car that will cover everything from those just in case moments to those this makes life easier moments.


Yuni Shower Sheets

Whether you’re running from the office to happy hour or living that blogger life and changing into your 3rd outfit of the day, these shower sheets will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean clean. 

Hair Ties

You can never have enough hair ties. Ever. You also can never have a enough bobby pins.  Keeping hair essentials (hair ties, bobby pins, travel size hairspray + brush) can be a game changer in how you feel about your appearance when having a jam packed day. Wouldn’t you rather walk into a meeting feeling confident and focused instead of wishing you had a moment to refresh before standing in front of a room full of people? The little things make a big difference.

Fresh Breath

Bad breath is not in and I don’t foresee it becoming a trend. Keep your breath fresh at all times! Keeping a pack of mints in your car is a no brainer! 

Marcio Badescu Facial Spray

A little spritz can take you from being drab to fab. Trust me on this. This facial spray is basically heaven in bottle and can give you the extra little boost you need. 


Sometimes Mother Nature is a sneaky little B and comes early to say hello. For those times where you have an unexpected visitor but don’t have time to run into CVS you’ll be glad all you have to do is open your glove compartment and voila! 

Safety Pins

Because if you didn't by chance have one handy then it would be the day your entire dress strap breaks and your day instantly crumbles into a million pieces. It can’t hurt to keep on in your glove compartment along with the rest of your essential. 

Hand Sanitizer

Everything is dirty, sanitizer helps.  

Car Charger

If we are being honest here, technology is in our veins and the world would come crashing down  if our iPhone battery died. Have a phone charger that you keep in your car and the universe will keep spinning. 

Flip Flops

You never know when an emergency pedicure is crucial. Either for your mental state or because you cannot wear those adorable new wedges you got with your toes looking like THAT. Keep a cheapo pair of flip flops in your trunk so you don’t have to wobble like a penguin back to your car in those paper thin ones that the nail salon gives you. 

Yoga Mat

Depending on your workout preference and or schedule "yoga mat" can translate into gym bag. For me, personally, I keep a yoga mat in the trunk of my car, at all times. It instantly becomes my BFF for those day when I need someone else to remind you to inhale and exhale.

Need a cute toiletry bag to keep everything in? OF COURSE YOU DO. 
Here are some cute ones: this one, that one, or even this one. 

Oh and also, HERE is an article of the essentials items every busy woman should keep in her purse. 

On the go,

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