You Asked We Answered

You Asked We Answered

Hi friends :)

Happy Wednesday! I have finally compiled *most* of your Robby related questions and answering them all.  You guys are a huge part of our everyday so, I love being able to share more of our story with you. If you have other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Also, I would love to know how you like this Q+A format // if it's something you would like to see more of.

Until then here's a little you asked, we answered... 


Q: How did you and Robby meet?
A: Robby and I actually went to high-school together! Robby is from Miami and I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We both attended Saint Thomas Aquinas and briefly dated his senior year, my junior year. Curious how we got back together? Keep reading. 

Q: How did he propose? 
A: My favorite question to answer! You can read all the details in our How He Asked feature

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section of the blog – there is TONS of wedding planning advice! 

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Q: How long did you two “do distance for?”
A: We were in a cross country long distance relationship for a little over 2 years. In May of 2017, after he got down one knee, I packed up my life to move back to the East Coast so we could physically be together. Even though we now share the same address, due to the nature of his job, distance is still a big part of our relationship. He is constantly on the road and as you know, I’m hardly in one spot for a long period of time so, distance is still a factor in our relationship. This may sound crazy to the naked ear but, it’s all we know. We make it work so well because that’s the way our relationship has been since the beginning – facetime and plane tickets are our “normal.” 

Q: Once you got engaged how did you find the patience in “waiting” to physically be together? 
A: Robby and I got engaged on February 17, 2017 and I was on a one-way flight to Boston on May 21, 2017 so it was a pretty quick turnaround. Between packing up my life and soaking up every last possible second that I could as a LA resident, I was so busy that I didn’t have much time to let impatience creep in. So to be frank, I didn’t experience the lagging timeline that some of you seem to be facing BUT I can say this …. 

The time that you spend apart from your loved one makes your time together so incredibly worth it. It actually brings happy tears to my eyes thinking about it. I remember the day I moved to Boston, sitting on the plane looking out the window with an insane rush of feelings running through my body. It takes two unbreakable people to survive and flourish in a long distance relationship. If you are one of those people, never ever discredit yourself and or your relationship and know that if that is your person, you two will make it work – regardless of the miles between you.

Q: What is your biggest tip on how to communicate when you are living in a different time zone then your significant other? 
A: In the beginning, take the time to get into a groove of what works for your relationship and run with it. For us, we used the 3-hour time difference to our advantage. Robby would take his morning on the East Coast to get done whatever he needed to do so by the time I woke up on the West Coast we were able to chat on my way to work without any other distractions. In any relationship, especially with LDR’s, sacrifice is something that both parties need to be make. So if you have a Facetime dinner date one of you may be eating earlier / later than normal “dinner time” – THAT’S OK! The focus should be on the fact that you get to enjoy a meal with your other half rather than what the numbers on the clock say.   

Q: What’s our secret to keeping your relationship together with so much travel?
A: Well, let’s start with first things first; I believe that every relationship is unique in the way it successfully operates so what works for Robby and I may not be the perfect ingredient for your relationship. With that being said, I would say an ingredient to our glue is we rely on old school communication. That means, when we are apart, we communicate to one another via facetime or on the phone and try to refrain from texting. Speaking to one another with your own face instead of hiding behind a screen makes a huge difference. Beyond that, we lay out our schedules and find time to make our quality 1:1 time a priority. Even if Robby and I are only in the same place for 24 hours we make the absolute most of that time. Regardless of travel, everyone has busy schedules – right? Through my eyes, those “busy schedules” cannot be a crutch. You make time for those things / people that are important to you. No excuse.

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Q: From your social media I know that Robby plays baseball but for those of us that are not big baseball fans can you give us a quick summary of what he does?
A: Of course! If you want to laugh, pre Robby, I wasn’t much of a baseball fan either. When Robby and I re-connected a few years ago, my mom sent me a Baseball for Dummies for book. Every time I think about opening that package I can’t help but laugh!! Ok so, Robby is a left handed relief pitcher with the Red Sox organization. This season has been an unexpected roller-coaster for us as Robby has been back and forth between the minor league and major league team. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes in “baseball life” then I could have ever imaged. I believe that unless you have walked in the shoes of a baseball family, one will never be able to fully understand the lifestyle. I provide more of an insight into our baseball journey in THIS article

Q: What is the longest you and Robby have been apart during baseball season?
A:  To be honest, I don’t have an exact number of days to give you because I’m not really sure! I try to not focus on the amount of days we spend apart!! When I was living in LA we would do our best to see each other for one weekend every month. I would typically take a red eye on Thursday nights to go see him and head back to LA on Sundays. Those trips always went by too fast and I was exhausted come work Monday morning but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! Now, I would day the longest we go is 2(ish) weeks? It truly depends on the month! 

Q: What do you do / say when Robby has a bad day at the field?
A: Robby does a really great job of not bringing his work home with him. Regardless if he had an amazing game or if he shit the bed, most of the time, those emotions stay on the mound. We don’t talk about baseball as much as some may think but to answer your question, I like to believe that my pep talks are pretty damn solid. Depending on the game situation, I can quickly switch my cheerleader hat to a therapist hat when needed. Robby and I are truly teammates so we, both, do a hell of a job lifting each other up during those days when the weight on one of our shoulders is feeling extra heavy. 

Q: What’s a typical day look like for you two during the season? 
A: It’s quite underwhelming to be honest! If the team is at our home our typical day would look a little something like this …. 
I wake up earlier then Robby to knock out ay time sensitive emails before I go get a workout in. Then by the time I get back home, he’s up and moving and we are able to enjoy breakfast together. During the season, breakfast is the only meal we are able to eat together so the mornings are our time that we try to keep as calm and agenda free as possible. Robby leaves around 11AM to head to the field and then he’s gone the rest of the day until he gets home from the game around 11PM(ish)

If the team is traveling, then that’s a whole different ball game ;) * pun intended *  

I do my best to share a piece of my everyday on IG stories so make sure to watch and come say hello there! 


we love you,
C + R

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