Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Romantic Winter Date Ideas

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s easy to put your love life on the back burner due to added expenses. Since I’m a hopeless romantic, I’m always on the lookout on how to add a sprinkle of thoughtfulness without breaking the bank. I’ve created a go to list of inexpensive winter date night ideas. I would love to hear how you spend date night during the winter months so make sure to leave a comment!

15 Romantic Winter Dates That Your Wallet Won’t Hate:

1.    Sunset For Two
Want to know what’s more romantic then watching Mother Nature at work while in the arms of your loved one? Nothing. Want to know what doesn’t cost a thing? A sunset. Pour a cup of hot chocolate, grab a blanket and soak in some fresh air.

2.    Cooking Class
With so many holidays taking place over the next few months this is the perfect time to put your cooking skills into action. Look for discounted classes online and get in the kitchen! 

3.    Game Night
Have a favorite board game? Cooler weather is a perfect time to break it out! Tie in a set of ‘rewards’ or ‘penalties’ to spice it up!

4.    Be A Tourist
During the winter months you're more likely to find great deals on tourist attractions – take advantage of this and do something around your city you've never done before!

5.    Spa Night
Colder weather has a harsh way of drying out our skin. Plan a spa night to relax and hydrate your skin. Use discounted sites such as Groupon to find a great deal or indulge in a spa night at home. Gather all of your relaxing items beforehand and unwind with your other half.

6.  Ice skating
Holding hands throughout this quintessential winter date will warm your heart.

7.    Sporting Event
If you’re a couple that loves sports get in on the fun. Hockey? Basketball? Football? The options are endless this time of year. Throw on a cute jersey and go cheer on your team! If tickets are not in your price range then head to a local bar and scream at the TV.

8.    Build A Gingerbread House
Get a sugar high together. It’s the perfect time of the year for silly little moments like this.

9.    Winter Wonderland
If you live in a part of the country where walking in a winter wonderland is possible, bundle up and get outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery. PS: building a snowman makes for an adorable Instagram shot ;)

10. All Of The Lights
Put on your festive PJs, turn up the Christmas music and drive around to look at Christmas lights. A simple way to enjoy time together!

11. Host A Cookie Swap
A fun and budget friendly way to spend time with those that matter the most and hosting with your significant other is a nice way to bond.

12. Donate  
If you are in the position to give back, please do so. Spend time with your loved one researching charities to volunteer with or do your part by giving to a food bank / toy drive.

13. Did someone say s’mores?
Simply pick up the ingredients and use the oven or microwave to make the perfect s’more. It’s an easy and cheap way to spend time together! If you have the weather + tools to roast them over a fire outside, you can go that route too.

14. Build A Fort
Remember how fun it was to build a fort when you were younger? Relive those memories for a romantic night. Cuddle up in the fort and watch your favorite Christmas movie.

15. Write A Letter To Each Other
Put together a time capsule and write a love letter to each other. It will be a special moment when you read the letters 10, 20 years down the road.

Meet you under the mistletoe,

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