The Smart Ways To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

The Smart Ways To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

I read a stat the other day that said more than 2.5 million passengers board a plane in the United States alone EACH and EVERY day. 


Whether you are a frequent flyer or only pack up your suitcase once a year, getting sick while traveling is not the end goal. Since the airport feels like a second home to me, I’ve compiled my top tips so you can avoid getting sick while being up, up and away. 

8 Smart Ways To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling 

Sanitize The Surface

The first thing I do when I sit down is break out the hand sanitizer wipes and go to town. I wipe it all down, at least once. Everything from the arm rest, seat belt, tray table, and head rest get a quick wash. After that is done with, I take a new wipe and use that for my hands 


Oil Me Up 

If you aren’t on the essential oil train, hop on. I always keep an essential oil in my carry on kit and use them before take-off and depending on how long the flight is, I may reapply half way through until we reach our finial destination. Here are 3 blends that I recommend using while traveling: 

1.   Lavender: this oil is calming and relieves stress, alleviates headaches and inflammation

2.   Frankincense: this is a perfect blend so you get a little bit of everything! This oil is also great for your immune system.

3.   OnGuard: often described as the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and immune-system supporting goodness. Need I say more?

4.   Peppermint: Best known for improving mental focus and clarity but peppermint also works great for any digestive issues you might have while traveling. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This may seem like basic information but it’s the one thing that so many of us forget to do while sitting on a plane – HYDRATE. Water is your best friend whether standing on earth or up in the sky. Staying hydrated has the potential to make or break your travel experience. Eat foods that are high in water, such as fruit and always have a water bottle in arms reach. Drink up!


No Time To Booze

Raising a glass at 10,00 feet may seem like the perfect way to start off your vacation but, don’t do it. Drinking a cocktail while cruising through the clouds causes dehydration and jet lag which lead to a chance of getting ill. I promise that the drink will taste just as delicious once you land! 

Take A Walk

If you’re committed to a longer flight, treat your body to periodically getting up and stretching your legs. Taking walks up and down the aisle will also do wonders for your back after being squished into a seat for hours.  

Don’t Touch

You can look but don’t you touch. Refraining from touching your eyes and nose with your hands is recommended. Even though the crew does their best to clean the plane before you board, there are plenty of germs circulating through the recycled air so avoid touching your face if possible.

Stick To Your Routine

Wherever your final destination may be, sticking to your routine is key to maintaining your health. Get a sweat in, stick to a nutritious diet, get plenty of sleep and repeat. 

The Good Stuff

Besides oils, hand sanitizer, water bottle and headphones there are two other items that I always replenish in my carry-on bag: tea and vitamin C packets AKA the good stuff. 

The combination of herbs in tea feels like heaven in a cup when away from home. The best part? It takes up no room in your suitcase. As far as Vitamin C goes well, you guessed it! It’s to help your immune system combat anything that may try to attack it. 


Fasten your seatbelt,

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