The Transition Of Moving Away From Your Hometown

The Transition Of Moving Away From Your Hometown

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I'm excited to share this post with you because I have accumulated so much experience in this topic that I hope the below will make your transition easy as pie!

Here are a few things you should know about me that will help this post come full circle.

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ventured off to the University Of Alabama for college. Once I had a degree in hand, I packed up my life and moved across the country to the city of angels or as some call it, Los Angeles. (If you'd like to see more of an insight into my California journey read this or even this one.) Last May I packed up, again, and headed back to the East Coast where my husband and I now split our time between Boston and Florida.

Wow. Ok, that was a lot to follow. You still with me?

Point being, I’ve moved away from my hometown … a time or three.

With that being said, leaving your comfort zone is never easy and comes with a wave of emotions. Whether it’s excitement, fear, nerves, hope or a mix – I, too, have felt it all.

If you’re thinking about leaving your hometown behind, let me pass along some insight from my personal chapter to yours.



For starters, be honest with yourself on what motivation is behind your desire to leave. Ask yourself: What is driving you to leave your hometown? And once you move, what are your expectations? What are your goals – personally and professionally? Having a clear vision will help to settle your mind and will help you feel confident about your decision. 


Next, know what you can and cannot live without. Draft up a list of personal criteria and weigh the pros and cons of each when looking at cities you are intrigued by. What range of rent can you afford? Is public transportation important to you? Does the weather play a factor in your decision making? If you have children, what are the school systems like?  


Once you are in sync with your emotions and have decided on a location to call your new home -  set a date! Then, book your plane ticket and check off the logistics accordingly. Once you have a date set in stone it will all start to feel real.

Just go. Go and don’t look back. I will never forget the day I boarded the one-way flight to California. I cried all the way through the security line! One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was the chance to experience on my own. Regardless of what happens after you pack your bags, you should forever be proud for taking the leap that so many are too scared to do.  



Leaving your hometown is the definition of having a clean slate. You are giving yourself a chance to start over, whatever that means to you. You can expect this to be a learning opportunity to get to know more about yourself, learn how to navigate through a new city, start a new routine, begin a new job and make new friendships. That all may sound intimidating - which to be transparent, it totally can be, but it’s also a revitalizing feeling that only a few are lucky enough to experience. Dive into a liberating pool of new experience. You are in a position to create your own path, without strings attached or the pressures of hometown peers.


We learn the most about ourselves when faced with challenges and adversity and that is exactly what you can expect. You will be challenged and pushed in ways you never thought and it will shape you into the person who you will become. My advice to you is to not shy away from any form of discomfort or growing pains but rather face them head on.


Once you get settled into your new zip code there is a high chance you will find yourself feeling lonely, very lonely. From someone who has been in your shoes before, I promise you that it’s not only completely “normal” to feel that way but it will open you up to a whole new world. Let your alone time challenge you to grow your independence and become comfortable with “quiet time.” In those quiet moments, you will learn how to become your own best friend and that lesson in itself is invaluable. Here are 5 things I learned by living alone.


Being removed from your hometown is bound to bring a wave of homesickness. With that, there’s a significant chance you’ll begin to view your hometown through a new lens, a lens of appreciation. For me personally, it took being away from the place that shaped me to truly appreciate where I grew up and it opened my eyes to all the factors I unknowingly took for granted.  My hope for you is that during your time away, you too become extra grateful for the place that raised you.

Home is wherever you are,


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