8 Things You Learn When Moving In With Your SO

8 Things You Learn When Moving In With Your SO

You and your significant other had the chat and have decided to move in together! *CUE CONFETTI* This may be a whole new world of unchartered territory for you, don't panic! This post is here to help you be prepared for the good, the bad, and the stinky. To some it may seems like a no brainer but I have to remind you that before you sign the lease, mentally prepare yourself to always find the toilet seat up since apparently there is a secret guy code to never EVER put it down. Beyond that, here are some things that happen when you move in with your partner …..

1. The Waiting Game
Say goodbye to the days where you run on your own time. Someone will be home first and the other will be running late. You will wait for him to get out of the bathroom and he will wait for you to find the perfect pair of shoes to complete your outfit. You will wait for him to finish making dinner and he will wait for you to finish washing the dishes. In a flash life becomes a constant waiting game.

2. Girls Rule Boys Drool
Hate to break it to you ladies but guys do nastier things then drool. From the smells to the noises to God knows what else, my piece of advice is to find a way to "deal with it" because without all of those things there is no them and that would totally suck. 

3. Opposites Attract
One of you likes for the AC to resemble Antarctica while the other wants to mimic living in a desert. One of you thrives off of having the windows open while the other one wants them shut and locked at all times. One of you loves to fall asleep with the TV on while the other spins off facts of the studies done that shows the negative effects of sleeping with it one. This my friends is where the word compromise comes into play. Find the middle ground and make it your best friend.

4. Keep That Sh!t on the DL
Literally. Look, I’m not saying to pretend that you’re an abnormal human being who doesn’t use the restroom for other reasons then to pee BUT there is nothing less attractive then sharing your bathroom habits with your other half. Whether it’s that time of the month or your daily routine -keep those details to yourself, capiche?

5. Annoying Habits
The day you two you move in together is the day you inevitably say, your annoying habits are about to be magnified but I’d rather live with them then without them. Whatever habit of theirs that makes your skin crawl just remember that he/she has probably acquired that annoying habit way before you came into the picture so before you contemplate pushing them in front of a bus, take a breath. Whether it’s the way they brush their teeth or how they put on lotion this is what you signed up for when moving your things in under the same roof.

6. Staying In Just Got A lot More Fun
The cool thing about living together is that you no longer have to waste time on the “who’s house do you want to sleep at tonight” conversation and dealing with the back and forth. Everything that either of you need is right there in your home and just like that, staying in got a lot more enticing! With that being said, don’t become recluse couch potatoes – going out for a date night here and there is important!

7. Caught Red Handed
Gone are the days where you can say, “that mess isn’t mine.” When living with your significant other, it becomes apparent whose mess is whose and there is no one else you can blame. BUSTED!

8. Bestie For The Restie
Having a side kick to do laundry with makes all the difference in the world. One of the best parts about living together is that you always have a friend around, even for the miniscule daily tasks. Living together won't always be constant state of sunshine and rainbows but make it a priority to relish in even the little moments. 

What have you learned since moving in with your significant other? Comment below!

With unpacked boxes,

PS: I thought it would be a fun insight to share the things that Robby says he has learned about me since living together:

* no, I wasn’t going to share the below if it was embarrassing
* yes, this is verbatim what he wrote

1.    She really does love taking up the WHOLE bed EVERY night.
2.    She has to have a candle lit every second of the day.
3.    She has massive amounts of boxes (mostly Nordstrom) delivered.
4.    She is really good at doing laundry and folding clothes.
5.    She really does shed like a dog. Her hair is all over the place. 

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