Ways Millennials Deal With Life Curveballs

Ways Millennials Deal With Life Curveballs


Being born right on the cusp of the 90’s has taught me a lot about the millennial generation in comparison to those before us. Young folks recognize the struggles of the past and are thankful that there were folks strong enough to stand up for the basic human rights that we get to enjoy today. However, if we just sat on our bums and were content with that then we would never see progress. The millennial generation understands that there is still inequality, stereotyping, and racism. In addition, things are busier and more expensive than ever before. So, when life throws something our way we are ready for it because it happens on a pretty regular basis. Here are some ways that younger people have developed that have never been seen before.

We know how to get things done

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Some have said that millennials are the most “forward” generation ever, meaning that we don’t stop to dilly-dally. Things move so quickly in our world that we don’t have time to sit around and ponder the “what ifs”. When something crazy lands in our lap, like a due date being pushed up or maybe your crush finally asked you on that date, millennials will respond quickly with exactly what’s on our minds. Most importantly, after we have made a decision we will get it done to be absolute best of our ability. For example, it’s proven that we purchase more athletica and organic foods than anyone else. We are taking care of our bodies one apple at a time.

We bounce back mind-bogglingly fast

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When something totally unexpected happens we usually do our research. Young folks will search online or get some advice from friends or family members about how to take care of a situation. Yeah sure, if we are going through a breakup or some other type of loss we will properly grieve. However, millennials are a creative, intuitive, and resourceful generation. We will gather every single last resource we have for support in order to get through a tough time. Like that time that I forgot to buy books one semester. The person sitting next to me was my new BFF.

We know when to treat ourselves to something nice


You better believe we know how to take care of ourselves. When we are feeling down we don’t feel guilty about doing something special. A 2014 study showed that over 73% of millennials planned on checking something off of their bucket list in 2015. 20 somethings understand that now is the time to go on some amazing adventures before we can’t anymore. There is a time to be frugal and a time to spend. Previous generations often had to scrape together every cent to make sure that their offspring could live comfortably and we respect that. On the flip side, there are just some things you aren’t able to do once you are retired. Everyone has those impromptu shopping sprees or trips that they cherish memories from. Go ahead, you deserve it.

We know how to get what we want


Studies have shown that millennials care most about our families, our jobs, and making a difference in the world. We will do whatever it takes to get all our ducks in a row. Generations before us may think that we are lazy, selfish, and obsessed with the internet. Surprisingly enough we aren’t that materialistic. Another study showed that when looking for something as expensive as a home, we weren’t actually looking for extravagant amenities. The homes millennials want come equipped with space to entertain and are within walking distance of most things. This goes to show that young people set realistic expectations and goals for the future. Though, if you want to know why young people are always on their phones, it’s because we are all hoping the secrets to love, life, and happiness will pop up on our newsfeeds - and it does from time to time.

We are extremely adaptable


We are the first generation to help give things like equality in marriage and the sexes the huge push they need. Millennials care about each other much more than some would like to think. We accept others with their “flaws”. Young people are experts in positivity and caring for thy neighbor because young folks have been in those same shoes before. Each one of us has dealt with some kind of gender stereotype or ageism or even racism. Most of us have been a starving student, seeing as tuition rates and prices for just about anything are so much higher than they ever have been before. So, we are constantly growing and learning about how to treat each other better and see each other in a kinder light.

We stand up for what’s right


Branching off from the previous topic, we will fight when it is necessary. We know when to call it a day and when we need to keep on keepin’ on. Things like body positivity and LGBTQ rights are in the media now more than they have ever been - and that’s a great thing! If we don’t ever talk about what’s happening with our society then we won’t ever be able to fix anything. We are the “stranger danger” kids. So, when we see something that isn’t right we don’t just sit back and let it happen. We know how to let you know what’s up. What’s more, young folks don’t want any ol’ person ruling the nation. It’s shown that millennials are looking for leaders that improve everyone’s quality of life. If you have our back, we’ll have yours.

Please keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the above stated information. These are just some basic observations and statistic about how the millennial lifestyle works versus other generations. We know we aren’t perfect, but we’re working on it okay?

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Post by Trisha Miller



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