4 Must To Ring In 2016

4 Must To Ring In 2016


New Years Eve is upon us which means you are either counting down the seconds to slip on your cleavage bearing sparkly dress or you would rather pull a Britney Spears in 2007 than attend a party. If you happen to fall in the second category then you my friend need to put down the razor and keep reading. Here are four must that will help ring in 2016:

  1. Class:

Whether you are holding a conversation, sucking down champagne or enjoying passed hors d'oeuvres please girl, do it with some class. Let me elaborate. Just like at any other party you have been to in your entire life there is always that person that has been hiding under a rock and didn’t know you were going through a break up so they oh so stupidly bring up his name. Instead of taking their head off with a sassy comment, sip on your drink, pat your lips and simply say you two are not together anymore. Remember freshman year of college? #Take Me Back. Well, this isn’t that. What I’m saying is – there is no excuse to get sloppy. That is all.

2. Confidence:

On the verge of a  mental break down from being dragged to party without a better half or because you’re short of breath in your skin tight #OOTN? Hold that shit in. I’m not even trying to be funny, save the tears and dramatic attitude for when you crawl under the covers. Single? No problem. Strut around that party with a big beautiful smile on our face that causes the two gossip queens in the corner to whisper to each other, “Ugh, single looks good on her.” Reminder:That New Years kiss is so overrated so if you are standing there solo at 11:59PM with a pit in your stomach shake it off and raise your glass to what will be a fabulous new year.

3. Charisma:

In my opinion having charisma is an unforgettable personality trait. Just like anything else, it may come more naturally to some than others but hey – no time like the present to work on it. Say hello to everyone, be gracious, fake giggle when need be, leave an impression. Make a short term goal to have people chat about you and your sweetness during their New Years Day recap brunch.

4. Act Of Courage:

Spotted: cute guy who appears to be in the same shoes as you. So, what should you do? Totally wait for him to approach you. WRONG. This my friends is what we call a perfect opportunity for an “act of courage.” Double check your teeth for lipstick stains, fluff your hair and walk right up to him to introduce yourself. He could end up being your forever and always or a total dud, it’s a 50/50, but why waste a chance to find out? And no, not every act of courage has to be revolve around a guy!

Spoiler alert: these tips apply to all of you beauties whether you are single, sporting a “it’s complicated” sticker across your forehead or wifed up you should exude class, confidence, charisma and sprinkle an act of courage on your life every now and then.

No matter what side of the NYE party fence you stand on, I hope your night is full of good vibes to kickstart a new year. Happy (almost) 2016 my friends! Please be safe.

January 1st is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.  –Brad Paisley

Cheers to the best one yet,


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