Miles Apart

Miles Apart


And just like that, the Monday after the holiday break is here obnoxiously dangling in front of our faces yelling at us to get back to work. We hear you Monday, we hear you. I don’t know about you but my head is still spinning from the fact that Christmas and New Year has already come and gone. Oh and how it’s 2016, I can’t even go there. On that note, I hope each and everyone of you genuinely enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and created lots of memories full of laughter and love. I was lucky enough to be able to jet set home to South Florida for a whole two weeks. Besides eating too much apple pie until I got a stomach ache, it was one of the best holidays to date.

Next to cuddling on the couch with my puppies, my favorite thing about visiting home was being able to spend time my childhood girlfriends. I feel like there is nothing cooler than sitting next to someone who remembers the name of your first kiss and who was there before you both knew the true struggle of shaving your legs. Fast forward from gossiping in the school hallways together and there you are, living in a different state and sling shooting you into a long distance friendship. So, what does this even mean?! Well, in a nutshell it means one thing: you will become weirdly jealous of her new ‘best friend’ KIDDING (no I’m not) disclosure: it is completely normal to stalk your friends new group of friends. In fact, if you didn’t do that, I would be a little worried. Ok, moving right along here....if you are of the 2% (statistic made up by yours truly) that still has all of your best friends within a small radius then this is your cue to stop reading. If you’re like the rest of us, keep scrolling down.

Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart. For friendship doesn’t count miles. It is measured by the heart.

 In the spirit of always keeping a positive outlook on life; here are 5 refreshing lessons that I have learned from having best friend(s) thousand miles away.

  1. Your bond grows stronger

-       Since seeing each other on a daily basis is not an option, making time to talk to each other is essential. Time zones are a total bitch, make the effort to find a time to talk even if it is entirely inconvenient for you. Any relationship requires sacrifices which in turn makes you two stronger. Reminder: It isn’t her fault that New York is three hours ahead of you.

  1. Past vs. Future

-       Being able to reminisce and reflect on the past with someone who experienced that time of your life with you is priceless. On the same token, being able to visualize and discuss the future with them is insanely cool. Memories from the past and looking forward to the ones in the future creates an untouchable bond.

  1. #Travel

-       Since your attempt to have them move closer to you has been an ongoing fail, visiting them is a must. Being able to experience their new life first hand is an experience that you need to make happen. Plus, you have a free place to stay! BOOM.

  1. Countdown

-       On that note, have a running countdown on seeing each other next

  1. Proud

-       No matter how crazy you were during your last break up or how cranky you were after pulling an all-nighter for work, your best friend never judges you. Instead, they always find a way, despite the distance, to brighten your day. I swear that my college best friend, Jesse, has a 6th sense when it comes to me. In times of needing a pick me up the most, I open my mailbox to see a handwritten letter from her and in that moment, nothing makes me smile bigger or brings a sense of calming quite like that. Best friends are the ones that push you to be the best version of yourself. If you have that person by your side, remain grateful and never let her / him slip away simply due to the fact that you two no longer share the same zip code.

To my long distance girls, I love you more than you will ever know and am counting down the days until we can squeeze each other again. To the girls who put genuine time into their friendships, you are a true gem and in case no one has thanked you lately for remaining a bad ass friend, let this post serve as just that.

From your friend,





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