5 Lessons You Will Never Be Taught In A Classroom

5 Lessons You Will Never Be Taught In A Classroom

The other day I was sitting in the office, attempting to avoid my to-do list, so I went for a quick scroll down Instagram lane. To my horror I was reminded that it was that time of the year. Blissful sunshine, ice cold budlight’s and barely there bikinis #Springbreak #SB2016 *insert pineapple and beach emoji here* I spent the next 15 minutes reminiscing on the perfect bubble of life that is college. As I snapped backed to reality, my mind began to play tricks on me and what happened next was even more horrifying than realizing I will never have another spring break for as long as I live. I began to think about my teachers. Yes, you read that correctly – I was thinking about my teachers and how there were so many lessons left untaught. I don’t know if my adult brain is fully starting to take over or what is happening but I have compiled a (short) list of things I wish I knew before walking across the graduation stage.

5 lessons that are not taught in college:

1. Networking

I wish the importance of networking was shoved down our throats like resume alignment was. If I could send a plea to professors it would be to express the of value to face to face relationships. A part of me hates to say this but, life is about who you know. When a networking opportunity arises, show up. Not only will you have the chance to spruce up your communication skills but you could also be shaking hands with your future employer or business partner. Tip: Always have a business card with your contact information handy

2. Staying Connected

Oh you mean no one talks to college students on how to maintain their friendships post graduation? UGH. Let’s be real, post grad life spins about 1,000+ MPH and the weight of keeping in touch with your sorority sisters / classmates can feel heavy at times. Fortunately, we all go through it so there is a high percentage that they are in the same shoes. If the both of you continue to make a consistent effort to chat on the reg then all will continue to be well with the world. For someone who holds their relationships near and dear to their heart I wish this subject was talked about, if even just once, in college.

Tip: schedule a weekly phone call (no, texting does not count) hearing each other’s voice will bring a lot more UMPH to the conversation and leave both of you feeling vividly up to date with each others lives

3. Cha-Ching

Whether you believe money is the source to happiness or the root of all evil, you need it to survive.

Warning: to those of you that are current college students reading this, I apologize for straight up bursting you bubble but not being able to swipe mommy and daddys credit card is a total bitch.

I mean sure, there are finance courses for finance majors but what about the rest of us? Oh here’s a genius idea, how about a course dedicated to teaching students financial tips and tricks on how to live on an entry level paycheck. I am no finance guru by any means however, the real world has taught me a that there are endless ways to make money. Whether you are in a bind or saving to treat yourself never buy into the “there isn’t anything I can do to make extra income” mindset. Take it from a 26 year-old who still babysits. As they say, “the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Tip: None. Still praying for a money tree to appear in my front yard

4. One Direction

We spend four years of our lives under a spell that the major we choose is the direction we will forever be facing. If there is a teacher out there who has ever been real with their students and told them there is a large chance that many of us will end up in a job position far from what is stamped across our diplomas then God Bless your soul. Changing directions can be a terrifying leap to take but have confidence that you will land on two feet.

Tip: Get your hands dirty with anything and everything, it will only make you more valuable down the road.

5. A+ Mistake

Inside the classroom making mistakes was frowned upon and either resulted in a poor grade or classmates laughing at you under their breath. Does anyone else find it ironic that some of life’s most valuable lessons are learned from making “mistakes”? Mistakes are a temporary, necessary detour, not a dead end. While navigating through the real world I hope that you never lose your sense of wonder or desire to learn. Tip: A very wise fish once said, “just keep swimming.”

What lesson would you add to the list? Oh and if you’re going on a spring break trip this year, please share details – I would love to live vicariously through you ;) #Adulting

Roll Tide,

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