A Golden Handbook

A Golden Handbook

This post is for you, the twenty something woman becoming, who wishes that life came with a golden handbook. This past weekend, I was able to soak up some quiet time and as I laid in the sun I thought to myself, "damn, no one really tells us anything."  Per usual, that one teeny tiny thought was a snowball effect for another million life questions. After laughing to myself I reached for my phone and began to type a few things that came to mind, that in my mind, us as twenty somethings should be able to do. The list includes but is not limited to:

1. Be able to feed yourself on a daily basis

  • Ok fine, postmates counts. Whether food is being delivered to your front door or you slave in the kitchen make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

2. Wake up to an alarm

  • …Without hitting snooze more than once. Put your two feet on the ground and set an intention for the day.

3. Think before posting on social media

  • At least attempt to think about it. Some things to consider: Who will this benefit? Will I regret posting this? Who has access to view this? Am I posting this based on a temporary emotion?

4. Restrain yourself from sending a drunk text message

  • Seriously, just don’t. You really don't miss him, you're vodka soda does.

5. Own a going out dress that covers all of your goodies, ya heard me?

  • Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us but if you can't get of your car without giving the world a free show it' time to toss that dress in the Goodwill pile.

6. Have a go-to outfit that screams. "I am a mature professional" #Adulting

  • It may not be insta worthy but it’s crucial to have an acceptable professional outfit hanging in your closet. When landing a last minute interview / meeting you should be focused on prepping rather than frantically putting together an appropriate outfit.

7. Emergency ice cream in the fridge because, life.

  • No explanation necessary.

8. A favorite book

  • Someone, somewhere is bound to ask you this question. Instead of stumbling over your words or word vomitting, "people still read?" have a go to answer.

9. A favorite movie

  • See above response *minus the word vomiting *

10. A romantic prospect

  • I hate to sound like your ‘Aunt Carol’ or your nagging mother but there has to be someone you have your eye on. Whether they know it or not well, that’s a whole other blog topic.

11. One dish that you can cook without looking at recipe.

  • Having one recipe in your back pocket (thats a metaphor, do not stick food in your pocket) will you give you confidence in the kitchen to and * gasp * one day provide meal(s) for your family

12. A makeup routine

  • All things are possible with coffee and mascara. If you haven't already, secure a day to day makeup routine and remember, less is more!

13. A healthy body image + self respect

  • In case no one told you today: you are beautiful, nice ass, have a wonderful day.  On a completely serious note, you should love  and respect what you see in the mirror every single day. No one is you and that is your power.

From me to you,

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