Palm Springs Travel Guide

Palm Springs Travel Guide

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw I spent the weekend in sunny Palm Springs with my two girlfriends. Girls Trip: a getaway or an escape. typically at the beach, filled with fruity cocktails, wine coolers, and all the other girly drinks your husband gives you the side eye for. an excuse to run away for the monotony of real life, one typically filled with a hectic job, whiny children, and a husband who just doesn't get it. via Urban Dictionary.

Well, no whiny children or husbands (yet) but any excuse to pack bathing suits / a selfie stick and soak in quality girl time, count me in!!

I had never been to Palm Springs before which is pretty crazy considering it's a short two-hour drive from LA. We packed a lot into our schedule during our short time there so, let's get started with the basics.

Hotel: We stayed at The Saguaro which is hands down the cutest hotel I have ever stayed at. It was like staying in a real life rainbow. Every corner you turned was a different hue of vibrant rainbow colors. Upon checking in we headed straight to the pool. Seriously, we didn't even put our bags in the room first - ha! #Priorities

TIP: if you are there on a Saturday get to the pool before 11AM as chairs are snatched on a first come basis. The DJ def. created move of a party vibe so if you were hoping to curl up under the sun for a pool side nap your best bet is to hang by the pool on Sunday when it was 10x more quiet and less crowded.

The pool staff was incredibly nice and service was on point. We couldn't dare pass up on ordering the cute watermelon cups (pictured below.) I ordered the "mermaid bait" cocktail and even though it was delicious the alcohol pour is heavy. Water, please! Besides a fruity we cocktail we ordered the guacamole, a girls gotta eat! I wish the serving size was bigger because it was all sorts of yummy.

After soaking in enough rays for the day we finally made our way up to the room. Upon settling in we couldn't help but admire the creativity behind every detail. The room was comfortable, spacious and of course full of lots of color!


Things To Do: Wait, you're supposed to do things on vacation? A perk of staying at The Saguaro was the free bike rentals. An added plus, the bikes are cute! It was so fun to bike around and enjoy the views while soaking up the sunshine. Don't ask me how, but this pink door has become Instagram famous so of course we had to see it with our own eyes! THAT pink door can be found at 1100 Sierra Way about three doors down from the house with the lions (directions will make sense when you are there, promise)


Places to eat / drink: After our lipstick and mascara were in place we pranced over to the Colony Palms Hotel for a drink before heading out to dinner. This hotel was so charming, highly recommend adding it to your list. We were totally "those girls" and all ordered the skinny minnie cocktail which was stamped with approval by the three of us. We enjoyed dinner at a local downtown restaurant, Kaiser Grille. Before getting back on the road on Sunday we ate lunch at the Kings Highway in the Ace hotel which is totally a cool spot - you feel like you're time traveling when walking into the diner. Oh and since calories don't count on vacation we indulged in yummy scoops at the most adorable ice cream shop.


Who else wishes vacation never had to end? I hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed all the pictures! If you have any questions or want to share your Palm Springs experience, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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