How To Sleep at 10,000 Feet

How To Sleep at 10,000 Feet

Good news: the holidays are coming up. Bad news: chaotic airports, delayed flights, cramped seats and long trips home to see the family are in your future. While there are about 5 people on this planet that can sleep like a happy baby in-flight, the rest of us arrive at our destination looking like we still have Halloween makeup on. Beyond the basic knowledge of wear comfortable leggings and pack headphones here are some other tips that will have you arriving at your destination well rested.

10 Secrets To Sleep at 10,000 Feet:

1. No Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol
I hate to be a buzzkill but the only form of liquid you should be drinking while traveling is water . Sugar, caffeine and alcohol all have the potential to leave you restless and dehydrated – two things that don’t mix well with flying. You will later thank yourself for having the will power to say no to a pre-vacation cocktail or a bag of candy.

2. Watch What You Eat
Eating large portions of fatty food can make you feel uncomfortable therefore making it harder to fall asleep. A personal rule of thumb when traveling is to not eat a meal within 2 hours of when I’m planning on getting some shut eye.

3. Bring Comfortable Items
This is the time to break out your faded sweater, cozy socks and chill playlist. Oh and did I mention that investing in a neck pillow and a blanket that is thin enough to throw in your carry on is a complete game changer. The key to being able to fall asleep while surrounded by 100+ people is making yourself feel right at home. So, take off your shoes hit play and catch some Z’s.

4. Pray For The Window Seat
Ah, the coveted window seat. If you can reserve a window seat at the time of purchasing your ticket give yourself a high five. Not only will you be able to control light exposure but you also will be able to lean against the side of the plane. The best way to guarantee that you will have the option to pick your seat is to build status with an airline. What does that mean? Fly one airline group as much as possible. Also if you aren’t already familiar with SeatGuru consider this site your new traveling side kick. SeatGuru allows you to see additional details that are not always available when booking which will in turn help you choose a seat of your liking.

5. Safety First
Buckling your seat belt over your blanket or sweater will save the flight attendant from having to bug you if your flight hits some turbulence. Make a mental check list and before you close your eyes make sure that your seat belt is visible so your sleep is not interrupted.

6. Unplug
Even though it’s pretty spectacular that we can still be connected among the clouds the smartest thing to do is power down – all of it. Electronic screens are said to be similar to sunlight so when that light exposure is shining in your face it affects your body’s production of melatonin. To be clear that includes cell phones, tablets, laptops and the seat back TV screen in front of you.  

7. Charge Your Batteries
On the other hand, having your phone die mid-flight would be nothing short of tragic. How would you let your mom know that you landed? What would you do with your time if you couldn’t refresh Instagram every 4 ½ minutes? Since I personally become short of breath when my phone hits 49% my Away carry on is my new BFFL. I’m not messing with your emotions when I say this; the suitcase charges your phone for you. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. So while you are recharging your batteries and snoozing away you can have your phone plugged in so upon arrival both of your batteries will be at 100%. Now that’s what I call first class travel.

8. Adjust Your Sleep Schedule
I know this may seem a little excessive but it truly works: plan ahead to beat jet lag. A few days before takeoff plan to go to bed 30 to 60 minutes earlier then you normally would. Give your best attempt to help your body get adjusted to a new time zone before you arrive.

9. No Drugs
Since I am not a doctor I won’t dive into the scientifically proven research of how one’s body reacts to sleeping pills however I will say this; if you are traveling alone I would not suggest that as the time to try a new sleeping pill. On that same token if you are eager for a sleeping aid I personally take a melatonin as I’m boarding and it works like a charm, especially for red eye flights.

10. Check List
It may seem silly to say but before you head to the airport make sure to run through your checklist of items so you have everything you need for a comfortable flight. Socks? Check. Headphones? Check. License? Check. Healthy snack? Check.

How do you sleep best while flying? What tip are you going to try on your next flight? 

Safe travels,

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