You Know She's Your Best Friend When ..

You Know She's Your Best Friend When ..

This past weekend three of my best friends from college (Roll Tide) finally made the trek out to Los Angeles to visit me. Once their plane tickets were booked I felt like a kid counting down until Christmas morning. Our time together was drowned in laughter and reminiscing  about the days of drinking hot cheap beer at fraternity houses. After dropping them off at LAX I, of course, drove away with tears in my eyes wishing that we didn’t live so far away from one another.  When I walked back into my overly quiet apartment and unwound from the weekend I thought about how there are too many stories, conversations and inside jokes that make it impossible for other people to understand our friendship. There is nothing in the world like spending time together with those who know you better than anyone else. Coming off a weekend like that I am feeling more sentimental than usual so I found it necessary to compile a list of things that come to mind when defining a best friend.

15 signs you are best friends:  

1.   The look
-Who needs words anyways? Being able to communicate purely through a look is where it’s at.

2.   Sleeping together
Being completely comfortable curling up next to one another.

3.    Ex-boyfriend(s)
-The urge to run your best friend’s ex over with a car (or any moving vehicle for that matter) will always run through your bloodstream.

4.   Never forget
-You have each others romantic histories memorized. Yes, even the one you wish never happened.  

5.     No new friends
Even though your friendship will never be comparable you get slightly (term used lightly) jealous of her new friends. Who is she? What do you two even talk about?

6.     Screen shot  
-Spending an hour composing one text message is a normal part of your daily routine

7.     Emotional state
-You can sense their emotional state solely based upon punctuation and emoji use

8.   Never ask permission
-The food in the fridge? The clothes hanging the closet? Nothing is off limits. Let’s be honest, it would be weird if you ‘asked’ if you could borrow / use something of hers. What’s yours is mine, right?

9.     You can't sit with us
-You hate all the same people. Remembering the reason why is a minor detail.

10.  Food + Drink
-You know each others’ go to orders.

11.  Overexposure
-Pants, what are those? No shame in seeing each other naked #GirlLookAtThatBody

12.  Open discussion
-Money, religion, sex, family – throw it all out on the table.

13.  The ugly cry
-You aren’t afraid to let the tears flow, smudged mascara and all.

14.  Happy tears
-The obnoxiously loud screaming and clapping in the audience? Yeah, that’s your girl. Whether it be supporting you from near or afar she is always the first to showcase your accomplishments.

15.  No mercy
-Honesty is the foundation of any relationship. Brutal honesty is the foundation of a best friend relationship. Looking for the cold hard truth? You know who to ask. 

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"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates...” – Sex and the City

 With a thankful heart,


Thank you babes for making the trip to the west coast, I love ya'll more than you know.
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