8 Signs You Are Becoming An Adult

8 Signs You Are Becoming An Adult

And there I was, having a quarter life crisis breakdown in the middle of Best Buy on a Tuesday afternoon. You guys, I am talking full on crocodile tears in the MIDDLE OF AN ELECTRONICS STORE. (No, this moment was not documented on Instagram.) Once I realized the tears were going to flow whether I liked it or not I b-lined for an empty aisle and wished I hadn’t left my sunglasses in the car. I dropped my yet to be purchased items and called my mom aka my therapist. Before she even had the chance to ask me what was wrong I blurted out, in so many words, that I was so damn overwhelmed with life. Between making financial ends meet while pursuing my dreams, balancing a long distance relationship, missing my family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle all while trying to keep that smile on my face - I was in need of a pause button. The funny thing about that is, the world still turns with or without your permission so, my only option was to wipe what I could of my tears and continue to go about the day.

I made it a priority that night to completely unplug and take a few minutes to tune in with myself. After some obnoxious sounding inhales and exhales I realized something pretty fricken cool: I’m on the path to (almost) having my sh!t together. The signs were subtle and maybe only I recognize them but I swear to you – they were there.

What are the signs you are morphing into one of those fully functioning adults you may ask? Well my friends, feast your eyes on this:

1.     No Competition
Even though the whole “women supporting other women” idea may seem cliche at times – it’s a train you should board. The moment you realize that competing with others is a waste of time is the moment a new wave of confidence will wash over you. Sometimes you may be ahead of others while other times you may be behind them however if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better instead of bitter.

2.     Body #Goals
Ok so, you aren’t quite ready to be splashed across the cover of Shape magazine but you have learned to love your imperfections a little more perfectly. Continue to work on yourself, for yourself - there are few things sexier than being comfortable in your own skin. Oh and yes, that means that you actually eat salads because you want one as opposed to you feeling like you should have one.

3.    Sunday Scaries
Whether scientifically proven or not, the Sunday scaries are a real emotion. I hate to break it to you but when your Saturday night decisions are based upon how you want to feel come Sunday morning then you are actually * gasp * becoming an adult. Hangovers are no laughing matter for your ‘older’ body and justifying how to spend that much money on alcohol is a rare occurrence. This is also known as enjoying staying in, by yourself, doing nothing more than a big night out.

4.    Ok, great
How to be a grown up at work: replace ‘f!*k you” with “ok, great.” Of course, you have mastered the nod and smile that go in hand in hand with your execution of words – hand over the Oscar, Leo. Anyone else still utterly confused why people ask, “how was work?” Um. Work is … work. I would rather be in Europe right now, naked on a yacht but here I am, in this cubicle contemplating hitting my head against the keyboard and it’s all just for a paycheck.

5.     Chores
 Doing laundry before you run out of underwear is a monumental life moment, one that we should take a moment of silence and pay our respects to. Oh and throw in the fact that you actually like living in a clean house more than you hate cleaning and BOOM you are starting adulthood directly in the eyes.

6.    Cushion, candles and cutlery - oh my!
It’s ok, you can admit it, this is a safe zone. You get excited over purchasing home décor + essentials and opening your mailbox to find a 20% Bed, Bath And Beyond coupon makes you giddy.  Join the club my friend, join the club.  

7.  Another One Bites The Dust
Another day, another Facebook engagement post. By now, the “I cannot wait to marry my best friend #ISaidYes” sightings don’t spin us into an immediate crisis mode. Baby pictures on the other hand, let’s not even go there.  

8.  Control
Apologies if this stings, but being able to move forward in life is the only way you will continue to truly grow. Making peace with the things you can’t control and learning from every experience will hold immense value to the quality of your life. Be honest with yourself and never be afraid to ask those tough questions.

I hope this post serves as your Monday morning reminder that you are not alone and more importantly, you are not a mess. If you haven’t already, give yourself a pat on the back because growing up ain’t for sissies.

You got this,


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