12 Things To Do Instead Of Cyber Stalking Your EX:

12 Things To Do Instead Of Cyber Stalking Your EX:

Want to know what sucks? Going through a breakup.

Want to know what sucks even more? Continuing to waste your time and energy on the loser that made you cry.

With social media flowing through our bloodstream day in and day out it’s close to impossible to fight the urge to stalk your ex + his new fling (and her family, third cousins included) but it has got to stop. If you have any desire to get your life back on track and use your time on this earth wisely instead of judging his stupid new haircut. I’ve done the legwork and compiled a list that may just come in handy.

12 things to do instead of cyber stalking your ex:

1. Take A Trip
Whether you run for the hills or simply put the windows down and take a cruise– just go. Some alone time exploring a new place or feeling the sun on your shoulders will do wonders for your soul.

2. Start A New Book
I know it’s 2017 but there are these things called “bookstores.” Ask SIRI where the nearest one is, throw on your sweatpants and don’t come back home until you have a new book in your hand. (Need a recommendation? Kristin Hannah + Jane Green are amongst my favorite authors.)

3. Sing Your Heart Out
It’s no secret that music is therapeutic. Create a playlist that will give you all the feels. Cry. Laugh. Scream. Whatever emotion you need to release, turn up the volume and let the lyrics take you away.

4. Girl Look At That Body
I’m talking Khloe Kardashian level of revenge bodies. Get you’re a$$ out of bed, slide into your leggings and go sweat. No one has ever regretted a workout so I highly doubt you will.

5. Be Betty Crocker
Whether you’re a Top Chef contestant or almost set the kitchen on fire every time you step foot into it try out a new recipe. It will be fun to taste something new and will for sure kill time!

6. Go On A Date
The thought of dating someone else may or may not sound worse than getting a tooth pulled BUT at one point or another you gotta rip the band aid. Blind date? Bumble date? Who cares, just go. Brush your hair, throw on that cute dress that’s hanging in your closet and let someone treat you to dinner. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?

7. Netflix and Chill
For those nights that no one is knocking at your door, curl up with a bowl of popcorn and start a new TV series.

8. New Apartment, who dis?
Ok, moving places may be a little excessive so let’s stick with the idea of rearranging your furniture. Move things around a bit because a change of scenery never killed nobody! Oh and that bar cart that you’ve had pinned on Pinterest that he thought was ugly? Order it.

9. Give Your Time To Those That Matter
You know your best friend that’s there for you through thick and thin? Send her a sweet bouquet of flowers. Do your parents live close to you? Go out to lunch with them. Are you itching for a girl’s night out / in? Plan it.

10. Stimulate Your Mind
Have an interest in photography? Take a class. Been toying with the idea of going back to school? Sign up. Use your mind to focus on things more useful than his Facebook page.  

11. The One Thing
You know that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but have created endless excuses for? Do it. Period end.

12. Out Of Sight
Social media platforms have the option to “block” someone for a reason. This is one of those reason’s. Block your ex and our future self will thank you. 

This too shall pass,

From Miss to Mrs.

From Miss to Mrs.

It's A Bad Day Not A Bad Life

It's A Bad Day Not A Bad Life