Bridal Party Workouts

Bridal Party Workouts

Planning a wedding is stressful.

There, I said it.

I’m not complaining because my goodness I would rather be overwhelmed with decision making for our big day as opposed to the alternative but lordddd have mercy!

Since we started the planning process two things have kept me from losing my sanity:

1.  Using Zola and their incredibly helpful wedding planning tools
2. Getting my sweat on and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Not to be dramatic or anything but without either of those factors I would be captain of the Bridezilla club and that is not a title that anyone around me would enjoy. If you’re a bride to be and have not dived into the services that offers then girrrrllll, your mind is about TO BE BLOWN. Go explore their wedding planning tools for yourself! Beyond having a platform of helpful tools at my fingertips, exercise has been my saving grace.

If you are lucky enough to live in the same city as your bridal party schedule a time that you can all can take a workout class together! It’s a fun way for you all to continue to bond as a group and burning calories is always a plus. Below is a list of group fitness options. Shake it up a bit and give them all a try.

7 Workouts To Try With Your Bridesmaids:

1. SoulCycle
If you have never experienced the energy of a SoulCyle class, sign up immediately. Not only will you burn a mass amount of calories but the overall experience is top notch.

Don’t have a SoulCycle studio near you? Don’t sweat. There are plenty of other cycle studio options! Hop online and see what’s around you.

 2. Pilates
If your bride tribe is on the hunt for an overall refreshing mind-body workout that is geared towards gaining long, lean muscles then get your bootays to a pilates class!

Note: call the studio and confirm if the class is on reformers or not so you know what you’re in for.

3. Barry’s Bootcamp
After one class I was instantly hooked. I am a huge fan of loud music and a fast paced full body workout and Barry’s deliverers just that plus so much more. Before you commit your bridal party to lifting weights and treadmill intervals have them check out Barry’s Bootcamp website so they have an insight into the workout before walking into the studio.

PS: they have a “fuel bar” at each studio which gives you the option to pre-order a smoothie that will be ready for you after class. Basically, it’s heaven.

4.  Yoga
Taking a collective inhale and exhale always works wonders for the overall vibe of the bridal party. Together, you can stretch it out and shake away any overhanding worries. Remember that even though this is your day, your bridesmaids are also piled with tasks, deadlines and financial responsibilities. Yoga could be just what the wedding doctor ordered!

If there is a Core Power Yoga studio in your area, I would suggest taking a class there! I would also advise asking your bridal party if they have taken a yoga class before as well as if they are comfortable with a heated room or not so you, as a group, can sign up for the appropriate level class.

5. Zumba
Dancing around with your best friends while burning major calories? Sign me up. Zumba is an awesome group fitness option with tons of aerobic benefits!  This exercise is fun, social and best of all it’s a workout with doesn’t even feel like a workout.

Check your local gym to see if they offer Zumba classes.

6. Mix & Match
If you're on the hunt for the ultimate bridal bootcamp look no further. Exhale, offers a variety of fitness classes as well as the option to mix and match fitness and spa services that will get you ready to walk down the aisle. 

Sign up and or register for Exhale by clicking THIS link.

7. No Sign Up Required
If you would rather bypass the hassle of gym memberships or class sign ups, lace up your sneakers and get outside. Depending on where you live, get your group together for a hike or a beach run. This exercise option is budget friendly option and soaking in the outdoors is always a plus!

Work it ladies,

This post was sponsored by Zola however the opinions are my own. 

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