How To Deal With A Breakup

How To Deal With A Breakup

Regardless if the relationship went down in burning flames or if it was a mutual split, there is nothing more gut wrenching than going through a breakup. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick that will make the pain vanish into thin air but there is healthy coping mechanism that will have you coming out of the breakup with your dignity, strength and a refreshed smile.  

Here are some necessary must as well as things to steer clear of when dealing with a broken heart.


1. Let It Out
Allow yourself time to feel and to properly heal. Don’t feel the need to become superwoman and that heartbreak doesn’t affect you. Suppressing your feelings will have a negative long term effect. Be a basket case and let the tears flow – IT IS OK to not be ok.

2. Hit Unfollow
Yup, you have to do it. Before you do anything else hit that “unfollow” or “block” button on all forms of social media. You do not need to know his every move or waste your time zooming in on every female in the background of his photo. You will drive yourself straight to the looney bin.

3. Sound The Alarms
Alert the troops that your heart just got stomped on and they will take it from there. They will divert a plan of who’s brining the wine and who’s picking up Chinese while the other friend speeds over to your apartment so you aren’t alone for one more second.

4. Treat Yourself
We all have different interpretations of this phrase so take it as you wish. In this situation I would advise you to treat yourself to something that will aid in boosting your mood. You could pull an Elle Woods and pull into the nail salon like a bat out of hell or you can book yourself a flight to a place on your bucket list.

5. Do The Things YOU Love
What is your passion? What haven’t you done in some time that you miss? What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel at ease? Whatever THAT thing is, do it. Force yourself to get out and do something that you love, it will work wonders in the recovery process

6. In With The New
Have the urge to color your hair? What about a little snip snip? Antsy to redecorate your room? What about purging your closet? A detox, to any capacity, could be just what you need to get rid of the old and in with the new.


1.  Sleep With Old Habits
You won’t get over him, if you’re under him – ya know? In all seriousness you have NO business rolling around under the covers with Mr. Heartbreaker so if that thought even begins to slip into your mind so help me God. The answer is no. N – O. The end.

2. Get Sloppy
Being a hot sobbing mess in a bar is not a cute look. Even though singing Rhianna at the top of your lungs while slinging tequila into the back of your throat sounds like the perfect idea, don’t make it a habit. Promise me you won’t’ be that girl, PROMISE ME.

3. Run Your Mouth
The devil himself could have created your EX but even then that doesn’t give you a green light to word vomit your harsh feelings to his (or hers) friends or family. At the end of the day, exuding class and confidence will speak louder than any words coming out of your mouth.

4. Go To The Extreme
With your emotions and routine all out of whack one of the worst things you can do is dive into the deep end to fill a void. This could be anything from becoming overly obsessive with your workouts, eating less, eating more or drinking way too much more often. Even though life may feel upside down it’s crucially important to keep self-care at the forefront of your mind.

5. Go Into Hibernation
You are only hurting yourself by permanently becoming one with the couch. Some days, it’s just what the breakup doctored ordered but don’t get used to it! You MUST get up, brush your hair, throw on some lipstick and go back out to live your life. You are not designed to hibernate and you need to have interaction with things other than a carton of Halo Top.

6. Have A Permanent Stank Face
Your heart physically hurts and you’re convinced the world will never turn again which doesn’t exactly make you a ray of sunshine. Your friends, family and co-workers will most likely give you a “free pass” for snapping at them or walking around looking like the most miserable person on the earth BUT there comes a time where you need to suck it up and move forward. Those in your inner circle can only deal with your mopping tears and bad energy for so long before they have reached their limits. Put your best effort forward to put a half smile on your face and go about life “as normal.”

It was for the best,

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