Travel Tips Every Twenty-Something Should Know

Travel Tips Every Twenty-Something Should Know

You have nothing to lose and the world to see.

When the travel bug bites it’s an instant infection that must be treated properly to see positive results. Instead of booking the first flight you come across and throwing God knows what into an oversized suitcase here are some things that every twenty something should know before embarking on an adventure.

11 Tips Every Twenty-Something Traveler Should Know:

1.   Stay With Friends
Before booking a hotel, see if you have friends that live in your final destination. Having a free place to stay is a complete financial game changer! Before you reach out to them though there are a few key things to think about ….

·      When was the last time you spoke to them?

·      Would they be offended by you asking to crash at their place?

·      Would they expect to be included in your plans?

·      Where exactly would you sleep?

·      Would you feel comfortable in their space?

·      Where is there home in relation to the things you want to do while there?

2.   No Friends
If staying at a friend’s place is not an option, don’t freak out. There are plenty of other options that will make your trip doable. If you are on a budget make sure to explore all options before typing in your CC number. Hotel, Air B&B, VRBO … take the time to research and compile the overall price difference. Also, I would highly recommend searching on discount platforms such as Groupon, Gilt City, and sites such as Kayak and Expedia before booking any sort of accommodation or excursion.

3.  Cell Phone Data
If you are traveling internationally make sure you and your cell phone carrier are on the same page so you don’t get slammed with a massive bill. If necessary, set up an international plan (typically $10 / day) or look into purchasing a portable wifi device. If neither of those fall into your budget, confirm with your hotel, etc. that free wifi is available. 

4. Portable Charger
It’s the simple things such as throwing a portable charger in your backpack before checking off the places on your itinerary that many of us forget. If you don’t already own one, I recommend purchasing off of Amazon to save a few bucks. View it how you want but there is a comfort level in having a charged phone when being in an unfamiliar place.

5.  Balance Being Present With Capturing Memories
Not being able to share your jaw dropping photos of your trip in real time sounds more horrific than getting hit by a bus BUT do yourself a favor and give your best effort to be fully present.  Put your phone on airplane mode, fill up your camera roll, soak in the adventure and post your photos later on when you are back at the hotel (or wherever you are staying).

6.  Apps Are Your Traveling BFF
Before you add “jetsetter” to your resume make sure that you have apps such as: Yelp, Hopper, Roadtrippers, Travel Math & City Maps downloaded and ready for use. Each of these apps provide different helpful information such as the best time to book a flight and creating a customized road trip map based on what you want to see. Take some time to become familiar with what each app can offer. 

7. Use miles
Airline Miles? Triple A? Corporate discount?  Before booking a flight, rental car, or hotel, check to see if are a part of any rewards program or are eligible for a discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask as every penny counts!

8. TSA Pre-Check
If the airport is your second home, I highly suggest applying for TSA Pre-check. It not only saves you time but also headaches. Ask a customer service agent in the airport or read through this website for more information. 

9. When To Book
Timing is everything, especially when purchasing a plane ticket. A recent study came out earlier this year that provides a breakdown of the best time to book a trip, depending on your destination. Read this article published by CNBC to see when what time frame will produce the best flight deals.

10. On The Road Again
If you’re looking for a different alternative to flying or for a unique way to experience travel, RVshare is the road to take. Whether you’re in need of a pet friendly, towable or drivable RV, RVshare has the largest marketplace to fit all of your travel needs. For more information on which RV is right for you or to rent your very own, click here RV rentals!

11.  Cold Shoulder
Depending on the reason for your travels, consider the comfort over style motto – especially when getting dressed for the airport. Regardless of the trips occasion, being a smart packer will save you from hauling around a heavier bag than necessary. Always take a look at the forecast while laying your things out and even if you think you may not need one, bring a jacket.

12.  Boots Are Made For Walking
If your destination entails walking, hiking, or activities of that nature make sure to pack the proper foot wear. You don’t want something as silly as blisters ruining your trip. Also, if you heading to a destination where walking from point A to point B is an option, take it. It may take you a few extra minutes to get there but you see places completely different when exploring on foot rather than in a car.

13.  One In A Million
The traveling experiences you put in your back pocket in your 20s are irreplaceable. The lessons, the memories, the knowledge, and the exposure are one in a million – appreciate it. Regardless of where you are headed or for how long take a moment to step back and realize how truly grateful you are to witness another city, town, state or country with your own two eyes.

Just go,

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