12 Fun Fall Date Ideas

12 Fun Fall Date Ideas

CUDDLE WEATHER IS HERE! Break out your over sized sweater, pour yourself a pumpkin flavored drink and get ready to indulge in some great things to add to your fall date night bucket list!  

If you’re like dayummm, I ain’t got a man – keep reading!! These fun, budget friendly ideas can double as a girl’s day adventure or a group activity.

12 Fun Fall Date Night Ideas

S’mores Love

Want to know what’s cuter than snuggling next to a bonfire while eating chocolate? Nothing. The wonderful thing about this is that you can indulge in a s’mores night inside OR out! If you have access to a fire pit, take full advantage. If not, a gas stove can do the trick!

Haunted House

Test your fear level by going through a haunted house. You may be surprised which one of you gets spooked the most! If there are hayrides offered, hop on! Make a full night out of the haunted house extravaganza. 

Apple Picking

I totally suggest as filing this fall activity under “girl’s day must do” but who knows, your man may love it too! Match your lipstick to your flannel and go get yourself some apples. Once your basket is full, take your apples home and whip up a homemade apple pie. YUM!

Themed Movie Night

If you two are craving a date night in make it a themed movie night! Pick out a movie that will get you in the autumn mood, pop the popcorn and curl up on the couch. Easy as 1-2-3!

Pumpkin Carving

Come on, you gotta do it! Invite your friends and their pumpkins over and get to carving! PS: don’t be so quick to throw the pumpkin seeds away, they are delicious when roasted.

Brewery Tour

Alright, here we go – a date night idea that your man will jump all over. Head to a local brewery and enjoy a tasting of the season flavors. Cheers!

Go Camping

Looking for more of a getaway? Pack your tent and head into the woods.
*are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet*
ok, Tswift break = over

Disconnect from life (and your phone) and soak up the beautiful wonders of nature.

Fall Festival

Google festivals in your area and spend the day checking it out! Soak up the music, the food booths and you will be in the Fall spirit before you know it.

Have A Picnic

Looking for a way to enjoy the crisp air? Have a picnic! Throw your favorite lunch items in a basket, grab a blanket and enjoy a relaxing day with the sun on your shoulders.

Hike A Scenic Area

Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean you get to hit pause on physical activity. Staying active is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of the month. Lace up your tennis shoes and take a hike!

Host A Potluck

What better way to spend time with your loved ones than hosting a get together! Break out the fall décor, light the fall scented candles and get the oven ready. Assign your friends a category (IE: appetizer, salad, dessert) and let their Fall themed taste buds do the rest!


Speaking of eating, set a night where you and your other half split baking duties. Whether you have your eye on pumpkin cupcakes or an apple cinnamon bread recipe, grab a baking partner and have some fun!

Falling for Fall,

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