How To Plan A Wedding At Work Without Getting FIRED!

How To Plan A Wedding At Work Without Getting FIRED!

Things no one tells you before planning a wedding:

1.  The amount of different types of flowers there are in this world is mind blowing.
2. There is a high chance that the question, “what is your color palette?” will make you go insane
3. That planning a wedding is a full time job. Except, you don’t get paid. Actually, not only do you not get paid but you are the one writing checks.

Juggling your career and wedding planning is no joke and should not be taken lightly. There is an immense amount of time management, organization and breathing techniques that go into making your dream wedding vision become a reality.

How To Plan Your Wedding At Work Without Getting FIRED:

Transform Your Coffee Break

The secret to getting it all done is to take advantage of every minute you have available. While you’re walking to grab a morning cup of joe – make any wedding related phone calls that you have on your list for the day. Standing in line to order? Scroll through inspiration photos and save them accordingly. Walking back to the office with a latté in hand? Tell Siri to add “make final decision on linen color “to the wedding to do list.

Lunch Break For The Win

In most job environments you have an hour slated for lunch. A WHOLE HOUR. Do you know how much you can get done in 60 minutes? You gotta go for gold sista because lunch breaks should be your time to rock the items on the to do list. Whether you need to chat with our florist or have color swatches to sort through – get it done!

Set A Timer

If you take one piece of advice away from this post let this be it. Do not let wedding planning get in the “way” of your J-O-B. It would be a shame if you got so caught up in wedding planning that you let your work slip. No matter how “cool” your boss is, I’m sure they won’t appreciate you missing deadlines because you got sucked into another wedding magazine. The trick here is to set a timer, literally. If you’re taking a 15 minute break from work emails to review an updated menu the carter sent over – set a timer and when it DINGS that is your cue to switch your brain back over to work mode.

Be Incognito

A word to the wise, make sure to look up the company’s policy for computer use and how much of your online activity is monitored. Before you get up from your desk, make sure to minimize or close out of any wedding related tabs open on your desktop. Also, be smart about what you share with co-workers. The more you can fly under the radar, the better.

Get A Head Start

If you are in a 9-5 desk setting, try getting to the office before others arrive. You will be amazed what you can accomplish in a quiet space by yourself. Not a morning person? Stay at the office later once or twice a week. Your co-workers may think you’re going for employee of the month but little do they know you’re actually researching where to go on your honeymoon – we can keep that our little secret ;)

Get Back To Work,



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