5 Fall Alternatives to the PSL You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Fall Alternatives to the PSL You Don’t Want to Miss

When the fall season rolls around, almost everyone wants to celebrate. What’s not to love about wearing cozy long sleeves and boots, watching the leaves change colors and enjoying a cool night with friends by a bonfire?

With everyone getting in the spirit, stores take notice and change up their menus, which is where the pumpkin spice latte comes in. Many people enjoy the famous pumpkin spice latte, but for those who don’t, fall can be a drag. Some drinks just get old or even overrated, but what other choices are you left with? Don’t go for a regular soda off the menu next time you’re craving a seasonal drink. Instead, save yourself some cash and make your own autumn blend to relax and enjoy the season without indulging in yet another pumpkin spice latte.

Maple Chai Tea

A mug of chai tea is perfect for watching autumn sunsets in your favorite fuzzy socks, and it won’t take much effort to make! Buy some basic chai tea at your local grocery store — loose or bagged, whichever you prefer. Steep the tea in hot water for however long is directed and then pour into your favorite mug.

Once your tea is all set, add some maple syrup as a sweetener. You’ll love the maple sweetness of the syrup and the cinnamon blends of the tea.

If you find you love this drink, you can make a large jug, let the maple syrup melt in the hot water while you stir for a few minutes and then chill overnight. This recipe makes the perfect cold or hot drink for any blustery fall day.

Syrah Blend Rosé Wine

For those who aren’t major wine drinkers, it might not seem like wine is a seasonal drink, but it very much is. In fact, there are plenty of wines perfect for the fall season, and the Syrah blend rosé is the ultimate autumn drink.

Regular rosés are known for having an obvious berry taste, but the Syrah blend incorporates a spicier, deeper blend. Not only does this wine go well with any fall meal, but it can also stand alone as a dessert drink.

Honey Cinnamon Latte

Don’t want to change out your latte for tea? You can keep that latte flavor in your life by making your own at home. All you’ll need is some milk, coffee, honey and cinnamon to make the perfect fall latte.

The only thing that makes lattes different from coffee is the frothed milk, which you can do with your basic blender in the kitchen.

Spiced Apple Cider

The great part about spiced apple cider is you can make it with any apple cider you like. So whether you’re into making your own or buying the cheapest jug on sale at the store, this recipe is for you.

All you need to do is make sure you check your spice cabinet for the right ingredients, so you’ll want to look for things like allspice, nutmeg and cloves.

Another plus of this drink is it can be served hot or cold, much like chai tea. Apple cider fans are pretty split down the middle about how to serve it, so if you’re going to be making a large batch for your next fall-themed party, serve it both hot and cold to make the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Hot Chocolate

Everyone knows that when it starts getting cold outside, the first drink you’ll probably think about is a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Don’t leave this drink off your list of options this fall when you start craving something warm and delicious. Make it the way you used to drink it as a kid or switch it up with a unique take on this classic drink. Trying creating your own peanut butter hot chocolate, or make your beverage more adult with this black cherry bourbon recipe.

Hot chocolate is a versatile drink that’ll make you feel warm and cozy well into winter.

Fall is a great time of year to try new things and enjoy some traditional fall flavors, so if you’re tired of the old pumpkin spice latte, you might want to start looking for something new to drink.


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