Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

From what I’ve been told by other brides is there is no such thing as being overly prepared and that things WILL happen that aren’t exactly in sync with the day of timeline. To avoid a breakdown on the day of you better believe a wedding day emergency kit will be in arms reach come the big day! Yes, that means putting yet another thing on the never ending to do list, however, I’m in hopes that the below information will reduce your level of stress and have you prepared for any “uh oh” moments that MAY happen!  

And by the way, you guys know that I have raved about Zola throughout our engagement, but I want to take a second to sing the praises of Zola’s wedding checklist feature. This is a wonderful planning tool for any bride-to-be to get you as close to ready as you can possibly be! It’s personalized to your wedding details, sends you reminders, and has helped me get ahead of things I didn’t even realize I needed to do.  however, I’m in hopes that the below information will reduce your level of stress and have you prepared for any “uh oh” moments that MAY happen! In fact, since Zola’s checklist is completely customizable so “make wedding day emergency kit” was top of my list for day of tasks!! Alright, back to business…

I like to think of myself as a “smart bride” ;) which means combining as many means to end as possible. First, you will need a cosmetic case to place your emergency items into, right? Right. Well you can register for a darling cosmic bag for you and your bridesmaids to have on hand (among other gifts) right on Zola. This is your wedding day after all and everything, even the smallest details, should be incredibly special! 

So, what does a bride to be put into this so called emergency kit that I speak of? Here are some ideas:

Breath mints: Because bad breath and wedding day don’t mix well together!

Blotting papers: Your soon to be Mrs. glow should not compete with a shiny forehead! Blotting papers for the whole bridal party are a great idea to have on hand.

Tissues: ALL THE FEELS! Happy tears will be flowing and tissues will be needed. 

Hairspray: Oh yes, this is a no fly away zone! Have hairspray on hand to help make sure your hair stays on point until your grand exit!

Tide To Go Pen: Spills happen, unfortunately. Having a mini stain remover on hand could be a life (or dress) saver!!

Lipstick: Take a break from the dance floor to refresh your lips!

Face mist: This is a daily necessity and absolutely will be on your big day!

Clear Nail Polish: Believe it or not, clear nail polish can solve more issues than you think! Chipped nail? Button about to fall off? Run in a piece of clothing? Clear Nail will save the day!

Tweezers: A girl’s best friend, am I right?

Advil: Yup. Just in case!

Now that you have the emergency kit checked off the list – its’ time to celebrate. Yes, celebrating putting check marks next to an item is a necessity in staying sane while wedding planning ;) The fabulous part about that is that Zola ALSO offers an array of celebrations that you can register for. Seriously, how great is that!! Monthly wine club? KEEP POURING. Fitness class to sweat it out? LET’S DO IT. Massage? YES PLESASE.

Let me know what you would add to the emergency kit – I would love to hear your suggestions or what came in handy on your wedding day!

From one bride to another,

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