Feature: Boss Babe's BluHazl Sisterhood

Feature: Boss Babe's BluHazl Sisterhood

Alright sista, let’s get this party started. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey babes! Well, I’m a woman’s woman, a sister and a strong believer in sisterhood. My name is Laticia Rolle, and I am the co-funder of BluHazl.com and author of the book, “Girl, You Got This.” Bluhazl is a space where my sister and I share our stories and truths in the hopes to help redefine sisterhood; through self love, style and nutritional recipes.

Time to dig in to the good stuff. What was the inspiration behind BLUHAZL?

The inspiration behind BluHazl was simply the sisterhood my sister and I share. My sister is 4 years younger than me, I know you thought we were twins, and we always wanted to create together. Often times our friends would say, “I wish I had a sister like you,” and BOOM – BluHazl was created. The name BluHazl, stems from my blue eyes and D’Ana’s hazl eyes.

Give us some insight into a “typical” day in your life

Honestly, there’s nothing typical about a day in my life, but bare with me. Although I live in Atlanta, I’m usually on a plane or another state working from a hotel room, in my robe. The first thing I do when I wake is meditate for 5-10 minutes, and claim that today will be a good day, because the universe is for me and you too girl! After meditation, I get to work; opening emails, creating content, editing images, or working on new projects. Next I decide whether I’m going to do my hair or not, that takes a chunk of my day if I do, lol. After I’m ready, I may have a shoot, where I shoot abut a week’s worth of content in one day if possible. Sadly, my man is not a blogger photographer boyfriend, so I’m always on the hunt for bomb photographers. After my work day is done, I’m eating [everything] and either hanging with the girls or snuggling up watching movies with my love.   

You exude positive vibes daily so I’m curious how do you react to having a “bad” day? What are your tips on how to shake it off and put one foot in front of the other?

I react to a bad day, by bouncing back. I share an empowering letter on how to Bounce Back in my book, “Girl, You Got This,” and the message is simply look, we will have bad days, low moments and days we don’t feel like getting out of bed and honey, that’s the journey of life. But the only person who has control over you and your bad day, is YOU! Get back on track by putting positivity back into the situation, learn from your losses, and always stand back up after a defeat. Once you bounce back, dust yourself and try again!

What is your advice to young women who are striving to create their own platform?

BE YOU! My advice to young women who are striving to create their own platform is to simply, BE YOU! People relate to an authentic voice and want to know who you are. I always tell people, in the creative space, stay true to who you are, do NOT compare yourselves to other, and to make your own lane.

You recently launched some big news, tell us more about it! 

YES! Our first book, “Girl, You Got This,” is officially published on Amazon and IBook and we could not be more excited. “Girl, You Got This” is a book created from my sisterhood, my best friends and sister, who all believe in women living their best life mentally and physically. In the book, we share 10 nutritional mood changing recipes, 10 all natural and simple DIYS, 10 fitness powerhouse circuits, and powerful letters of self-love. “Girl, You Got This,” is a must read for any girl that's conscientious of her mind, body and what she puts in it. Love your body and love your Tribe. This book is bible for all women.

Who is the one person in your life that motivates you to never stop chasing your dreams?

My mother is the woman who motivates me to never stop chasing my dreams. I am my mother, and for that I know I will achieve all my hearts desires. My mother was a young mom, raising 5 children by the age of 25 with my dad, all while working and looking fab while doing do. My mother has always been selfless, determined and strong willed. She inspires to keep going every single day, until the day I can look at her and tell her mom you can retire is the day I know I have achieved my dreams.

Knowing what you know now, what is a piece of advice you would tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self that; “You are ENOUGH! Focus on YOU! Believe in YOU!”  My younger self often allowed my emotions to take over and distract my path; relationships, friendships, school, drama – and I wish that then I would have known how to handle my emotions and how to let go of things that were not for me and to put all that extra energy into growing into the woman I am today. Letting go and staying away from toxicity is key to growth. 

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