10 Items Every Busy Women Needs To Survive The Day

10 Items Every Busy Women Needs To Survive The Day

Some days I hardly leave the house and am glued to my laptop from the moment my eyes open to the moment they close. Other days I am running around like the world is on fire. From meetings to events to photoshoots to squeezing in a workout and checking off everything on the to-do list, can be nonstop. Those are the days where I relay on myself to be a step ahead and be prepared. Whether your days are full of routine or the unknown there are a few essential items that you should carry with you. The below are 10 items that you can always find in my bag as they help me survive the day – no matter what it throws my way.

*each item is linked below in pink for easy shopping! 


Having a healthy juice is for sure a smart thing to grab on the go but I’m actually referring to battery juice. HOW WOULD ONE SURVIVE IF THEIR PHONE BATTERY DIED and you couldn’t instantly charge it!? Talk about a living nightmare. Having a portable charger in arms reach can save the work day and leave you without a headache. If a Mophie isn’t already in your bag, put it in there.


A mid-day hunger strike never ends well for anyone involved. In the midst of a busy day keeping your energy level up is a necessity. If you don’t’ have time to stop and sit down to eat a proper lunch the next best option is to relay on a healthy snack option in your bag. An apple, unsalted almonds, or a protein bar will hold you over until your next meal. Also, keeping yourself hydrated is key.  Having a refillable water bottle to carry with you is the way to go. 


Call me old school but a pen and paper are my life line. I scribble it all down - lists, blog topics, meeting notes, on the spot inspiration. I recently just got this adorable note pad from Target that I typically leave my desk and leave this one in my bag.


I have showed up to a coffee shop one time to many times without my headphones that  I swore to myself it would never happen again. If I’m writing or answering emails, there is 90% chance that there is a vibey / chill Spotify playlist playing in my ears. Put a spare pair of headphones in your bag and leave them there! 


For the times where a mid-day mascara and lipstick refresh are needed – you’ll be happy to pull those life changing tubes out of your purse. My all-time mascara obsession is Superhero by IT cosmetics and good every day lip is a shade by Dose Of Colors.


Sunglasses. Don’t leave the house without them, ok? I have a long lasting crush with these Quay sunglasses.


It happens to the best of us. The day’s fly by and we run out the door not realizing that today is the day where Aunt Flo is expected to visit. Having an extra tampon in your bag is must. You will either be the hero of your own day or someone else’s. 


You know those lattes that you’re living off? Well, no one wants to smell them off your breath mid meeting. Also, no one wants to hear you chomping on gum so mints it is


Don’t have time to shower in between your work meeting and happy hour? Don’t sweat it. Yuni shower sheets are the ticket to feeling refreshed! I also swear by Mario Badescu facial rose water spray.

What’s in your bag,


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