Why We Are Constantly Moving And All The Helpful Tips We Have Learned Along The Way

Why We Are Constantly Moving And All The Helpful Tips We Have Learned Along The Way

The ongoing joke within my friend group is that no one ever knows where I am. With frequent texts like “just finished packing and now off to yoga” or phone calls that go a little something like this, “hey, I’m about to board my fight – I’ll call you when I land.”

So, why all the packed bags? Well, you can thank my husband for that. Our life revolves around baseball from the months of February to September(ish). Let’s break it down a little further ….

From February to April we move twice, once to spring training, which is in Fort Myers, FL and then the second move is to wherever we are based for the season. This year, that is Boston, MA.

Once the season is over, we head back to our off season hub which is Fort Lauderdale, FL (we have yet to purchase a home * sigh * but hopefully I’ll be able to share that news with you guys in the near future!)

You still with me or did I lose you already?  

With all of the shuffling around we have defiantly learned a thing or two on how to best move our life around.

5 Moving Tips We Swear By:


Anytime life has you breaking out the cardboard moving boxes take it as an opportunity to purge. While you’re packing up the closet– ask yourself if you REALLY need that shirt that has been unworn in the last 6 months. For us, every move translates into major donation piles. Robby and I both detox our closets and make take, toss, donate piles. For helpful tips on how to organize your closet read THIS article.


Our number one rule when moving, besides to not get testy with each other, is to take things room by room. Example, start with the bathroom – get everything into it’s appropriate box and then move on to the next room. Moving is stressful enough, you don’t want to add to the chaos by having each room a messy disaster at the same time.


I thought about not even writing this step down because one would think it’s a given but then again some people surprise you so, here we are. LABEL THE BOXES. I tend to overdo it and label boxes on the top and on the sides noted everything that is inside. Depending on your range of chill to psychotically OCD – label accordingly. The last thing you want to happen is to get to your new home and have no idea what room each box is going into. Can you say NIGHTMARE?


Not to sound like your mother but you have to have your I”s dotted and T’s crossed when moving. Knowing what is going where and when is something that you need to know right off the bat. Do your cars need to be shipped? Has the electricity been transferred over? Have you scheduled the internet guy to come over to hook your coveted WIFI up? Planning all of your logistics out ahead of time will have you popping less Advil.


Moving is a pain in the ass. No matter if you’ve done it once or a 100 – it doesn’t become a favorite pastime. Just like anything in life, knowing when to take a break before you lose your mind is key. Put the moving tape down and go pour yourself a cold beer or hot cup of tea.  

Life in a box,

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