5 Ways To Organize Your Digital Life

5 Ways To Organize Your Digital Life

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll remember the time that I accidently uploaded all 20,000+ photos from my computer to my phone.


Needless to say – my OCD self could hardly stand the clutter let alone all the disorganization. After, finally, settling the photo debacle (thank you Google photos) I thought what better time to clean up my digital life.

Oh you thought your physical space is the only thing you should keep clean? Jokes on you my friend. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s 2018 and basically our entire life is held within the walls of a device.

5 Tricks Of The Trade To Organize Your Digit Life:


Ok, let’s start with getting through the real tedious task first. Cleaning up your computer may sound like a massive headache that you’ll sweep under the rug until hmm, well, maybe next year but I swear to you that life will be so much easier once all of those online cobwebs are dusted away. You know all the misplaced files and randomness that is currently living on your desktop? Go through each and every one of them and label accordingly. Those files want a home, give them one! Find a document you don’t need anymore? Delete it. No need to continue clouding your storage space with items that are no longer of use to you. Speaking of storage, if you’re at max capacity you can always use external hard drives for files that you want to keep in a safe place but don’t have a need for on a regular basis.


Free range to judge me on how lame the next comment may be but I 100% feel like a brand new person after unsubscribing from junk mail. BUH BYE! Taking a few minutes here and there to unsubscribe from all the nonsense will declutter your inbox and leave room for the important emails that need to be read.


Speaking of emails, do you have any sort of order to your email folders? If the answer is yes, you’re my kind of person. If the answer is no, it’s now my mission to convert you. An upside to having an organized inbox is that it will cut down the time it takes for you to look for that one email. Create folders that make sense accordingly to your personal life as well as your work needs. Take control of your inbox and make it your best friend instead of your worst enemy.


Sorry, but your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku and 8 elements of the periodic table.

Ok then.

Even though digital passwords may be the bane of your existence they are crucial to have and to remember. If you’re like me and have different passwords across the board that you have to bang your head against a wall to remember one of THESE apps may helpful!


Let’s round out this list with a less daunting tasks. To some, it may seem low on the totem pole of importance but keeping your social profiles up to date is something that you should keep up with. Not just to say oh hey, look at this here amazing new photo of me with wind-blown hair but more so to keep your career moves, passions and projects up to date. You never know who is looking at or who may fall upon your LinkedIn page so having social pages up to date could make or break an opportunity! 

My desktop is clean,

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