What Every Bride Needs To Tell Their Bridal Party

What Every Bride Needs To Tell Their Bridal Party

As a bride to be I cannot stress the importance of expressing gratitude to your bridal party. They are investing a massive amount of their personal time, energy and money into making sure your wedding journey is pure perfection. A bridesmaid’s sole job is to ensure that you are having the time of your life making irreplaceable memories.  As a human being, it takes approximately 15 seconds to say "THANK YOU" to the girls that you have hand-picked to stand by your side!!

The girls have done their job and now it’s time for you, as the bride, to do hers. Your job as a bride is to make sure your bridal party is set up for success. The following list is compiled of things that you, as the bride, should tell your bridesmaids before the big day.



Make sure they are fully aware of the timeline of day of events. If they aren’t in the know then they can’t be where they need to be. Having a prepped and detailed itinerary is a must.


Make sure your MOH knows who they can go to if there are any fires to be put out or any questions they need an answer to. A wedding planner or day of coordinator are typically those who hold all the answers! If you give your bridal party a heads up on who to direct their questions to then you are bothered less which is a beautiful and stress free thing to strive for.



Having a check list of what your bridal party is responsible for bringing to the wedding / wedding weekend is crucial. That way nothing is looked over!


Ok time to get a bit cheesy but a part of being a bridesmaid is being at your best 100% of the time. That means, bringing their best mood to the forefront of each and every wedding event is non-negotiable factor. Having a group that exudes calm and happy vibes is irreplaceable! Oh in addition to a good mood - smiles, dance moves and willingness to help are also required elements!


Photographer: Valorie Darling
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Thankful for my girls,

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