6 Time Management Tips For The Successful Girl Boss

6 Time Management Tips For The Successful Girl Boss

“Every time we become distracted, it takes an average of 15 minutes to regain complete focus, and that adds up over time.”

I’m not a mathematician but I can tell you that that shit adds up, quickly. Adding be a slave to time to your already overflowing to do list will not serve a higher purpose. If you’re on the market for time management tips that actually work to boost your productivity and lessen your frantic run around, you’ve come to the right place. 

6 Time Management Tips For The Successful Girl Boss

Know Where Your Time Is Tick Tocking Off To 

In effort to solve any conflict, the first step is to always acknowledge where the issue is sprouting from. In this case, knowing where your time is running away to is immensely valuable. Are you wasting time aimlessly scrolling through social media? Is your mid afternoon crash crippling your productivity? Do you need to limit your time chatting with your coworkers about weekend plans? Should you cut down on Netflix intake at night? Tracking your time is a tip that will give you a sense of where / when you are most productive as well as shine a light on the areas throughout your day that you should look into making some changes. 

Write It Down

You’re in the middle of a meeting and out of nowhere your brain starts to spit out items that you need to add to your grocery list. DO NOT FORGET THE MILK. YOU CANNOT FORGET THE MILK. 

You’re staring at your boss’s lips move but you aren’t hearing the words coming out of their mouth because you’re so concentrated on not forgetting to add milk to your cart. The meeting is now over, you have no idea what was discussed and now you have to waste not only your time but someone else’s by asking them to give you a spark notes version.

Use the above example to see the bigger picture, you with me? If you’re thinking about something, you have to write it down. Repeat after me: if I’m thinking about something, I have to write it down. If you want to remember to do something, write it down in a place that you will see it. If you neglect to write it down, all those to do items will continue to pop up in your head throughout the day and distract you from your current project. 

In terms of where to write it down, that depends on what works best for you. I personally keep a note pad on my desk designated for those random mid-day oh shit I need to do that right now moments. I also have a note section in my phone where I can jot down items when I’m away from my desk or if I think of something when I’m curled up in bed. Something to consider when keeping a to do list on a device is to make sure it syncs to multiple devices so regardless of where you are, you can confidently take on your to- do list knowing that everything is stored in one place.  

Schedule Accordingly

A key to using your time efficiently is to stop wasting your peak productivity hours on minuscule tasks. When are you mostproductive? For me, it’s first thing in the morning to early afternoon. For you it may be after 2PM. Regardless of the time frame, find the window of time where you can green light go and dominate with high energy and full focus. Use the low energy hours of your day for the monotonous tasks.  

Time Doesn’t Work Unless You Do

Want to know what hunger, stress and overtired all have in common? 

They all disable your productivity levels. Time management will only work if you are at your best so don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pencil in time for your mind and body. Self-care should be a priority that has a permanent spot on your to-do list. Here are 5 out of the box ways to incorporate self-care.  

The Night Before 

As you wind down for the night, set yourself up for a successful and stress free day ahead. Pre pack your gym bag, lay out your work outfit and get your purse in order to grab and go in the morning. Before you put your head on your pillow, think ahead to the next day and review your schedule so you aren’t caught off guard as the day unfolds. 

Time Batching

I saved the best for last, time batching. I learned about the concept of time batching a few years ago from a boss who slayed time management. Time batching is a simpler, user friendly, time management hack that simply allows you to take advantage of your full concentration by grouping a bunch of similar activities together and doing them all at the same time. The main benefits of using this technique is that it reduces your start up and slow down time, minimizes daily clutter and improves your focus. 

So, what the heck do you time batch and how do you do it? Stick with me as I break it down step by step so you too can become a time batching freak like me. 

Examples of tasks to time batch: 

1.  Emails: You know that number next to the word Inbox? Yeah, it tends to stress me out too but I swear to you that time batching eliminates the frantic feeling when you open your inbox. Instead of checking your email 15 times a day, check it once and bang it out. By setting aside a batch of time to solely focus on emails AND NOTHING ELSE you will be amazed at your productivity level. 
2. Conference calls: Ah, the dreaded conference call. Instead of spreading calls out throughout the week, set a “call day” once a week and glue the phone to your ear. For instance, if Tuesdays are your batch conference call day then schedule 10 calls back to back and check it off the list. That way the remainder of the week you can prioritize on other tasks at hand without having to hop on the phone.
3. Running errands: Fill the tank with gas and do all your grocery shopping and errand run around at one time
4.  Social media: If you are an influencer and or blogger - I suggest time batching a slot to answer DM’s + comments instead of doing it throughout the day. 
5. Brainstorming: Schedule uninterrupted time dedicated to brainstorming / thinking. It may sound silly to the naked ear but I swear it makes a difference in your concentration levels.
6. Household chores: Cleaning? Meal prep? Laundry? Yup, you guessed it. Do that all in one day.
7.  Personal time: However, you would like to spend your personal free time, do so – just make sure it’s time batched. 
8. Play hard: If you have dinner plans with a friend then make plans to grab a drink with another friend beforehand. Why get ready and run around twice in a week if you can do it all at once? 

Share your best time management tips below! 
Kick ass this week, ILY guys! 

You have time,


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