Friday Fitness Favorites

Friday Fitness Favorites

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change.
It takes 8 weeks for your friends to notice.
It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.
It takes one day for you to decide that you are enough

In honor of always being stronger than your excuses, here are 4 workouts that I'm currently loving:


CorePower was one of the first workout studios I got my sweat on when moving to Los Angeles. Until a few years ago, I was incredibly intimidated by the word "yoga." In my eyes, yoga was defined as a cult of people making funny noises when breathing and standing on their heads for a crazy amount of time. Even though your breath is a major factor and people do contort there bodies into insane positions, yoga is so much more than that. One day I pushed myself to try a class and my God I'm so glad I did. Before class was even half way over I was completely obsessed. The vibe, the instructors, the workout, the space and the playlist are all completely on point. No matter if you've been a yogi since birth or don't even own a yoga mat there is a class for your skill level that will push you to discover your most powerful self.  My favorite class offered is yoga sculpt - a high intensity hot yoga class that incorporates weights into the flow and if you ask me there is nothing better than being on our yoga mat going through a squat series with Fetty Wap coming through the speakers.

PS: One of my best friends, Jesse, teaches at CorePower in the ATL area. So, if you live there, go take one of her classes and give her a squeeze for me! 
*CorePower Yoga has locations throughout the US

With a motto of "burn it, earn it" Basecamp Fitness  has been apart of my weekly workout regime for about a year and a half. The obsession with Basecamp stems from the fact that no workout is ever the same. Their workouts are all interval training based with a ton of variations to keep you working every muscle group. Some classes you will use rotating between TRX, kettle bells and weights while other classes are purely all body weight. Regardless of what class you take you will walk out sweaty and feeling goooood. The instructors exude a perfect balance of pushing you to your limits but not being a drill sargent. Oh and their front desk staff? Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. If you're in the LA area - sign up for your free week! 
*Basecamp is currently only based in California

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 3.25.50 PM.png


It wasn't until recently that I came across one of LA's best kept one on one training secrets: Pilates With Ashlee. Girrrrlll, let me tell you - if you're looking for a kick butt workout in an intimate setting then Ashlee Carignan is calling your name. I trained with Ash a few weeks ago and thought about staying in LA purely so she could get me wedding ready, ha! I am by no means a pilates guru. In fact I have only been on a pilates reformer machine a handful of times but I can say from experience that Ashlee makes her clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the workout. Below are some photos from our session! 


Last week my girlfriend Maggie, the fitness brain and beauty behind @coffeeandcardio, hosted a class at PlateFit. I told her to count me in thinking it was would be just "another workout class." JOKE WAS ON ME. About 45 seconds into the class I was dripping sweat from my eyeballs and wondering what I had gotten myself into!! PlateFit is a place where you go to crush your fitness goals by using the Power Plate which give you a complete body-shredding workout. If you have never been on a power plate machine before my description will not do it any justice but take my word for it that it's unlike anything you've ever done before and you need to try it at least once! 
*Platefit is solely based in Los Angeles however, workout classes that use the power plate are located through the US! 

Get moving,

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