Here's To Strong Women

Here's To Strong Women

I was so excited when Secret asked me to partner with them for their #SecretStrength campaign. I love that Secret stands for feminine strength and encouraging us to never settle for less. Whether we need strength in our careers, stepping out of the comfort zone or speaking up- we’ve all experienced the power that having strength holds. 

As part of my partnership with Secret, I wanted to share a time in my life when I had to make a really tough choice: Leaving behind what I called home for four years, to go be with the love of my life in Boston.

Close to a year ago, I found myself full of mixed emotions as I stood in my one bedroom, 650 square foot apartment in Los Angeles. My life became filled with cardboard boxes as I had sold every piece of furniture that I had to my name. I sat on my living room floor with my girlfriends and we laughed and cried over the memories we created over the last four years. 

After being in a long distance relationship for 2+ years, I decided to make the leap to move in with Robby. Finally, we could share the same address and not rely on FaceTime dinners for date night. We could spend time together without checking the clock because I had a flight to catch. My heart couldn’t be happier knowing that a beautiful and exciting new chapter was awaiting me. 

But while I knew it was going to be the right choice, it was so difficult leaving the people and place that shaped me into becoming the woman I am today. I was scared leaving my friends behind. I was nervous to move to a new city where I knew hardly anyone. I questioned how I would keep my business afloat in a new market. I had a million different thoughts and feelings running through my body… but when I laid my head down at night, I felt at peace. I knew in my gut that moving would be one of the best decisions I would ever make. I will forever remember this point in my life where I handled this decision with strength. 

As women, we tend to downplay our strengths. Today, I want to remind you to acknowledge the woman in the mirror. She’s strong, beautiful, selfless and a badass - and she is YOU.

We show up for our loved ones - day in, and day out. 
We gracefully juggle that endless to-do list.
We make waves in our careers. 
We are the glue within our families. 
We are fearless creatures, full of strength.

Secret Clinical Strength deodorant offers more than just wetness protection. It represents women who won’t settle for less – because the product is the best of its kind!. Secret has been there for me during so many critical moments in my life: my graduation, my first date with Robby, and my big move. I rely on their prescription strength protection to go on dry with a smooth, even application and keep me dry during life’s little and big moments.

Never be afraid to take the leap, make the move, send the email, have that conversation. Your future self will thank you. I’ve got your back and Secret deodorant won’t leave you in the pits. 

Is Secret Clinical Strength a part of your everyday routine?
Check out the product at Walmart.
*In collaboration with Secret Deodorant

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