6 Easy Ways To Stay Inspired

6 Easy Ways To Stay Inspired

And without warning, your mind goes blank. You sit there unenthusiastically starting at an empty page desperately trying to think of something, anything, anything at all. 

Despite your best effort you can come up with …. nothing.  

It’s as if someone turned your inspiration switch to the off positon and you can’t move your hands to turn it back on. It happens to all of us, even the best of us. For those times where you’re feeling the opposite of inspired, here are six easy and realistic ways to flood your life with inspiration.



Ok, maybe welcoming a struggle with open arms is a far-fetched idea but embracing the lull instead of pushing it away is the best route to take. Sometimes, the worst moments have potential to bring valuable life lessons to the surface. When you find yourself feeling at a loss, know that you can and will fight past it. Your strength, determination and self-awareness will help your inspiration shine once again. 


Routine. Routine. Routine.

Rut. Rut. Rut. 

Like some of you, I am sucker for an everyday routine but shakin’ it up every once in a while can do no harm. Change up your workspace or go explore a new part of the city you live in. Instead of going to the same coffee shop every morning, walk the extra block and try a new one. Switching up your environment will give you a new perspective and a chance to get those creative and or inspirational juices flowing again. 


I preach about it all the time, self-care is one of the most important things you can give yourself. In the moments when you’re feeling completely uninspired, take a break and do something for you. Sometimes all you need is a break from the expectations you set of yourself. Take a breath, do something that brings you joy and then get back on the saddle. Sound good?  


Your loved ones are there for the good, the bad, the inspired and the uninspired.  Lean on them in times where you are searching to reignite your inspiration spark. Listen to their words of encouragement and how they themselves find success in their fields. You are not the only one who experiences creativity dry spells. 


Inspiration is a sense of emotion and as humans, our emotions are sparked by different outlets. For some, we get lost in song lyrics and inspiration comes flooding back. Music can open your mind so, turn it up! For others, getting lost in a good book will bring us back a source of inspiration. Oh and don’t discredit the benefits that exercise has on your mind! Get outside, breath in fresh air and move your body – it has the potential to work wonders.  Whatever your outlet may be, find it and rely on it.


Going back to the drawing board and creating a clear vision of what you are striving to achieve is the perfect medicine for losing your inspiration. Having a visible representation of what you want can help your mind have an AH HA moment. 

Go get your inspo, 

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