Saint Lucia: A Travel Guide

Saint Lucia: A Travel Guide

Ok my world travelers, let’s chat about heaven.

Oh no wait, that’s awkward. Not that  heaven. Heaven as in Saint Lucia. 

We all on the same page now? Great. Grand. Wonderful. Moving right along …  

Robby and I jetted off to the gorgeous island of Saint Lucia to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary back in December and messages are still flooding in asking for details about our trip. So, I figured it would be helpful to put all the need to know information in one post. 

* cue Saint Lucia travel guide* 

As always, if you guys have any further questions – leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post and I’ll hit you back with an answer. 


We stayed at Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort and I couldn’t think of a complaint if I tried. Everything from the amenities to the staff to the service was top notch and I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend it. The hotel is set within over 100 acres of pristine rainforest that sits in-between the World Heritage-listed Pitons. Oh and did I mention the perfectly detailed landscape and the white sand beach that sits on the Caribbean Sea?! Sigh. 



Ok, let’s talk the important details like what the heck to throw into your suitcase. 

Not sure if I even need to write this but for some of you who haven’t had your coffee yet today... you will need to pack bathing suits for your trip. If you plan to do the mud baths – PACK A BLACK BATHING SUIT. 

You’re headed to an island so don’t overthink a packing list. 

Lounge clothes 
Shorts and tank tops
Easy to throw on sundress 
A lightweight sweatshirt or jacket
Maxi dresses / rompers to sass it up when you head to dinner
Workout clothes (ok, don’t eye roll … I know it’s vacation but it’s ok to get a sweat in. Also, if you’re staying at Sugar Beach their gym has everything you need. No excuses!)

As far as shoes, I packed one pair of:  sandals, wedges and sneakers. OH and bring a big beach bag, you’ll be glad you did. 


As we were standing in the customs line before entering into St. Lucia, Robby and I quickly realized that everyone around us was a couple. A quick scan around and I’ve never seen so many “wifey” t-shirts or bride tote bags together in one place before. 


I’m not sure how we missed the memo that St. Lucia is the #1 honeymoon destination buttttt, we missed it. So, to answer your question of who to go with, I would suggest going with a significant other. If that isn’t an option but you’re dying to check St. Lucia off your list, I would carefully choose which girlfriend to take on this adventure with. 



I, believe, regardless of where your departure city is that you’ll connect in Miami. We flew American Airlines from Miami to Saint Lucia and although it was only a 3-hour flight it seemed a little longer than that. There was no in-flight entertainment or WIFI available due to the path of the flight so make sure to throw a book into your carry on or pre-download movies. 


All of the food was fresh, delicious and kept us satisfied during our stay. We solely ate on the hotel property so beyond that, I can’t provide much insight. If you are sushi lover, you have to go eat at the Cane Bar because it is finger-licking good!! We heard a lot of chatter about how amazing the Great Room was for dinner but, to be honest, I can’t say that we’d eat there again. 

Oh oh and one more thing, try the banana ketchup (yes, that’s a thing) trust me, it’s goooood. 

 When making our reservation, Robby and I opted for the all-inclusive meal plan and from our experience, I would say that it is 100% the way to go. 


When traveling abroad I know one of the first questions that always pops into mind is, how safe is it there? So, let’s chat about it. 

In full confidence I can say that I never, for half a second, felt anything but safe during our time there. The entire island of Saint Lucia thrives off tourism. With that being said, they have zero toleration for anyone crossing a tourist in the wrong manner so everyone is as kind and as helpful as can be! 


I’m a believer that regardless of where you go on vacation, your time should be spent however you would like. If you want to sit your cute little cheeks in the sand all day long without moving, do that. If you want to have every hour of your day planned on a color coded agenda, do that. As far as our time in Saint Lucia, we had a solid balance of adventure and relaxation. Some days we took on the beach bum role while sippin’ on guilt free cocktails while other days we were taking advantage of the coolest excursions. 

By chance, we were hooked up with an A+  driver / tour guide. SUPER DAVE (but really, that’s his name – mark my words that everyone on the island will know him) is the man and if you go to Sugar Beach, do yourself a favor and ask the hotel concierge to set you up with him. Not only does he know everything about the island but he hooks you up with taking you to the must see spots! 

What we did: 
*Super Dave started our day a bit early for vacation standards but we are so thankful he suggested an earlier start time because we got to each stop before the bus loads of tourist came screeching in. 

MUD BATHS: It’s a St. Lucia must! The men working there make it a fun experience and let you take as much time as you would like. 


BOTANICAL GARDEN: One of the stops within the day excursion was at the botanical gardens and it was actually very cool. You will learn more about flowers and plants then you ever thought imaginable! Even this doesn’t sound up your ally, partake in it. Taking in every part of a destination that you’re visiting is what traveling is all about. 


WATERFALL: Maybe it’s just me but I am infatuated by waterfalls. I think their power is breathtakingly gorgeous and there’s no feeling like standing under one while the water comes pouring down. Let this be your warning that the water is very chilly so if you’re like me and hate cold water, prepare yourself and get in anyway. Also, I realized that I’m totally jipping you by not giving the exact name of the waterfall but in all honestly it’s because, I DON’T REMEMBER. But the good news is, they do these tours 23482098 times a day so the guide will know exactly where to take you – don’t’ worry!!


Back at the resort …

*The resort has an entire pamphlet of activities you can choose from. I would recommend taking time to skim through them during your first day there to make sure you have enough days to book whatever excursion you would like!  

SNORKELING: If you are a guest of Sugar Beach, snorkeling equipment is free to use. Grab a mask and snorkel, squeeze into your fins and get into the water! The reefs and wildlife next to the Piton, directly off the beach, are a sight to see. 

SUNSET CRUISE: Cruising out to sea watching the sun go down while sitting on a beautiful sailboat packed with cold drinks and yummy appetizers. What isn’t to like about that situation? 

IMG_1050 2.JPG

More questions?
Did I miss something? 
Leave your comments / questions below and tag me (@millennialmiss) in your photos when you take the trip yourself!

Safe travels,




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