7 Things To Do Instead Of Stressing Over Wedding Planning

7 Things To Do Instead Of Stressing Over Wedding Planning

So, you’re planning a wedding.

Translation: you are stressed to the max losing sleep over which fork is the perfect fit for the dinner reception.

 I get it.

The following statement is not a joke: TAKE A BREAK. Take a break from wedding planning and give yourself the gift of tucking the to-do lists in the corner. I know you may feel that time is breathing down your neck and that the world may end if the cocktail napkins are not ordered within the next 5 seconds but I promise you, it will all be ok.

If you’re sitting there thinking WHAT WOULD I POSSIBLY DO INSTEAD OF GIVING 100% of my blood, sweat and tears to wedding planning? Lucky for you, I have the answer.  

7 Things To Do This Month Instead Of Wedding Planning:


Remember the book you bought months ago that has been sitting on your night stand collecting dust and posing as décor? Pick it up and open it. Take your mind off who you’re going to sit at table number 3 and get lost in the pages. If you’re looking for suggestions, one of my favorite authors is Kristin Hannah.


Throw your hair in a bun, turn up your favorite playlist and break out the cleaning essentials, it’s about to go down! Cleaning can be insanely therapeutic. Release the stress of wedding planning and focus on scrubbing your floors until they sparkle. If this option sounds like a horrible chore that you would rather bypass let me tie it back to wedding planning so you can see how it all comes full circle. Having an organized and cleaned living space means that you will never have to worry about misplacing something that you need for the big day!


Nothing screams distraction quite like cleaning out your closet. You will feel like a new person after you’ve made a “donate” pile and color coordinate your clothes. From more tips and tricks on how to best detox your closet read this article.

Side note: if you and your soon to be hubby do not yet live together – consider this task essential. Sharing closet space can be a big adjustment so make sure you do your due diligence in organizing “your side” before you two start sharing hangers.


Ok well, maybe now is not the ideal time to save the world with a new movement BUT you and your body can start moving - in a different way. If you’ve never tried yoga, why not start? Not a fan of running? Give it another try. Have you been eyeing the new barre studio in your neighborhood? Sign up for a class! You will be so focused on your sweat that your wedding to do list will vanish into thin air – at least for an hour ;) 


Whether it’s a staycation or a bucket list trip – take some time to decompress and treat yourself to a change of scenery. You and yours can totally make this a romantic getaway but don’t feel guilty if you’re craving some solo quiet time.


Take a break from being a slave to your floral arrangements and give your time to someone who may be in need. If you’re not sure where to even start, relay on your BFF aka Google. Search local volunteer projects and go make a difference.


If you day dream about curling up in your sweats with a glass of wine (or bottle, no judgement) and going on a date with Netflix then you my friend should do just that! Oh and throw in a face mask into the mix because you deserve to R-E-L-A-X. 

take a break,


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