Sorry, no discounts here

Sorry, no discounts here


“Yeah, I know but he was also so busy this weekend.” “True, but he also just out of long relationship.”

“Good point but I’m sure he will call tomorrow.”

“I get it but he won’t do it again.”

ex·cuse (verb): attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

The twisted cycle got the best of you, again. You spend Friday night sitting on your girlfriends couch curled up in your leggings with your scatter plot graph and over-analyzation methods laid across the coffee table. You vent for a solid hour and your girl does her best to keep her ears open and hide her eye rolls behind her wine sips. Like clock work the infamous words, “hey – want to chill?” appear on your phone screen and in the blink of an eye your tears / frustration / strength vanishe into thin air. You swap your leggings for skinny jeans and transform your messy bun into perfectly placed locks.

When you learn how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts.

 If you believe that you deserve the world then start acting like it. Are you a half priced last season dress that hangs in the back of the rack? No, I didn’t’ think so. So why do you respond to his last minute text messages or engage in a ‘what are we’ conversation for the 50th time? Why? Stop giving him a discount on your time, love and energy when he should be saving every penny to afford you, all of you.

Handing someone an invisible coupon into your life is like wrapping a knife in a pretty bow to take a stab at your heart whenever it is convenient for them.

Stand in front of the mirror and know that you, from your head to your toes, are the priceless new fall collection and will never sport a ‘50% off’ sticker across your forehead.

Own your worth. Love your worth. Be your worth. Why? Because you girl, you are worth it.

With self-love,


"your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."

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