Summer Wedding Survival Guide

Summer Wedding Survival Guide

Summer lovin' had me a blast
Summer lovin' happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be

Sweet summertime is here which means you will be sweating your cute little hiney off while witnessing your friends begin their forever. Before you attend a wedding this summer here is a checklist to ensure you have fun celebrating love in the sun.

7 Ultimate Tips To Help You Survive Summer Weddings:


Even though all the focus will be on the bride, you can’t help but want to look your best! A few style tips to think about when trying on dresses for the event.

I would advise staying away from silky fabric to avoid showing your sweat or having the fabric uncomfortably stick to your body. The venue plays a major role in your wardrobe so take the time to look up where the wedding will take place. If the ceremony and or reception will be outside, you’ll want to take your shoe choice into account.


Regardless of what the weather decides to do, the wedding will go on. Before heading out the door to cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. take a peek at the forecast. Rain? Bring an umbrella. Lower temperatures once the sun goes down? Bring a light jacket or a shawl.


Besides your lipstick and phone, I would suggest putting the following items into your purse:

SPF: You should already know better than to leave the house without applying SPF to your face and a summer wedding is no exception. Wearing a strapless or thin strapped dress? Apply sunscreen to your shoulders and chest before heading out to celebrate the bride and groom.

Bug Spray: You’d rather focus on your dance moves than mosquito bites, right? Pick up a travel size bug spray and throw it into your bag, just in case.  

Band-aid: Your shoes may be oh-so-cute but chances they double as comfortable are slim. Don’t let a blister ruin your fun. A band-aid takes up zero room so having one in your purse is a no brainer!


If you plan to booze in the sun, make sure to rotate plenty of water into your cocktail cycle. Between the sun and open bar, dehydration can hit you before you know it.

Overall Etiquette

As a wedding guest, there are some simple across the board “rules” that you should follow.

  • RSVP and do so on time. The couple is waiting to submit their final numbers so please don’t make them hunt you down to get a response.
  • Do not assume you have a plus one, it will be clearly stated on your invitation if you have the green light to bring a date.
  • Technically, you have up to to a year after the wedding date to send a gift but if you ask me - it’s best to send a gift sooner than later! The couples registry information can typically be found on their Save The Date and / or their wedding website.
  • In regards to wedding day attire, it will be noted on the invitation. You are not the exception to the rule to please dress accordingly.
  • Do not be late to the ceremony. Let me repeat myself, do not be late to the ceremony. This is not the time and / or place to pull the fashionably late card.
  • If you’re not sure what is or isn’t appropriate to say to the bride or groom read this list before saying something you may regret.
  • Being invited to a wedding is an honor. The couple has chosen you to be apart of one of the most special days of their lives. Keep that in mind throughout the night and act accordingly.
  • Most importantly, join in on the fun! Get up on the dance floor, enjoy the food and make unforgettable memories with the the blushing newlyweds.

Here’s to forever,

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